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It is sad that the commercial motorcyclist popularly known as Okada is gradually taken over by the northern boys in the state.It is difficult to identify real okada riders since the Boko Haram boys are in charge of transporting people to their destination.Okada is one of the easiest means of transportation due to large vehicular traffic and population of the state. The commercial motorcyclists have created many jobs to unemployed Nigerians in recent times. Though Okada riders are used for armed robbery which some areas in the state have been banned from the used of Okadas. During the military era of Rt Gen Ibrahim Babangida when Okada for transportation came into existence.The pains of Okada riders is that many innocent Nigerians have been killed while their legs and hands amputated,yet the government failed to provide employment to its teeming population.Most of these Okada riders plying Lagos

roads are typical illiterate boys who do not know signs of roads and prey to fatal accident across the state.Hausa okada boys have taken over the state while the commissioner of transport in lagos state has refused to act.7O percent of Okada riders are mere northern boys who came into Lagos illegally which main business of setting up kiosks within private houses and roads are no longer relevant anymore.The Hausa boys popularly known as Mallams are not interested with shoe making and others.Most of the Okada riders are underaged to the core. Okada riders are used to perpetrate criminal activities in the rushing hours of the day in Lagos state.Even though the Police have been given order by the IGP to evacaute all roads in Nigeria,that does not mean they would monitor the activities of Okada riders.If the authorities can ask for riders permit,number plate,toll money and others,then Okada riders must be identified with serious investigation.Igbobi

hospital is mainly meant for Okada victims and nothing else.Areas where northern boys are now lords of the profession in the state are Apapa,Ikeja,Ajegunle,VI,Ikoyi,Mile 2,Ikorodu and too numerous to mention. No day passes by without recording Okada accident while the commercial tricyclists and buses are safer than the so-called Commercial motorcyclists.The gains of Okada in the state has helped to easy transportation and meet up urgent appointments and others. Again most Okada riders are graduates who cannot get white collar jobs in the former sector.The Okada unions are effective in terms of monitoring of the okada operators.Some of these Okada riders find it difficult to express themselves or know the direction of its passenger.Though some states in Nigeria has banned the use of Okada operators due to the increasing rate of criminal activities and vices.Most of these north boys need to be investigated while söme Okada riders are in hire

purchase to meet up the agreed bargain of the buyer of the okada and other comtemporary issues.It is time Lagos state government checked the activities of Okada operators so that Boko Haram members would not use that avenue to kill innocent lagosians in the name of Okada.Lagosians must not patronise these unlettered boys while those buying okadas and standing guarantors for them must desist from it now.GODDAY ODIDI.20 oro st Ajegunle.08063458693.Public Affairs Commentator

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