Fashion mistakes to avoid

By Myjoyonline

SMART dressing is very important if only because what clothes we wear and how we actually wear them tells a lot about the kind of people we are. They say that clothes make the man, or woman, as in our case, and it is indeed true.

We do not have to be fashion gurus or runway models to be able to look the part of the smart dresser. Most of the time, all it takes is to be neat, clean and presentable, you have to use a bit of common sense and to avoid these everyday fashion pitfalls.

You may find some of them funny, but woe to you if you are found guilty of such errors. Read on, learn and enjoy.

Wearing outfits that are see-through

We always hear that less is more, and that adage is definitely applicable here. The less skin seen on you is oftentimes a lot better than baring it all. A touch of modesty does not hurt. Besides, wearing see-through clothes make you look on the slutty side, so it is best to shy away from them altogether.

Carrying a belly bulge

Even the slimmest women can be ruined by wearing pairs of trousers or skirts that are too tight at the waist. A waistband that is too tight pushes up the flesh of the abdomen, and it is quite ugly to look at.

How can you breathe when your trousers or skirt is too tight, anyway? Make sure that the waist of your bottom garment fits just right not too tight, and not even snug.

Sporting an underarm cleavage

If the flesh on that part of your breast which meets the underarm bulges up, it means that the sleeve holes of your top are too tight and that your bra does not fit you snugly.

It also means that you should get a bra that is just the right size for your breasts. A right-fitting brassiere has cups that are just low enough to easily rest against your breasts.

Dragging hemlines for trousers

Do the hems of your trousers legs get caught in your shoes when you are walking? The solution to this problem is to have the legs of your trousers sewn in such a way that when you are wearing mules and such footwear, they are long enough not to get caught in.

Showing sweat stains

Sweat stains are very unsightly. If your clothes have them on the underarms and they would not come out with washing, consider wearing these clothes for doing heavy chores instead. If you have a problem with your sweating, use a deodorant and consult a doctor.

Unsightly panties

If you think panty lines are horrible, you should look upon bunched up panties with even more horror. If your panties too old and too stretched out already, give them a rest and throw them away. Neither should you wear panties the straps of which show outside the waistband of your trousers.

Unfitting clothes

If you are a plus size person, stick to the plus sizes and quit squeezing yourself into clothes that do not give you room to move. Sure it may look okay while you are standing, but when you sit accidents can happen. An unwanted bulge may show or worse, a button or a seam could pop.

Inappropriate makeup

What time of the day is it? Are you going to work, an afternoon date at the park, to the gym, to a party, or to a concert? The key to correct makeup is that it should be light at daytime and heavy at night.

Scruffy shoes

Nothing ruins an outfit more than a pair of dirty or rundown shoes. Keep your shoes clean; leather shoes should always look polished. If your shoes need repair, repair them at once. Also, quality beats quantity; invest in a good pair of shoes even if they are pricey. They will last longer than the cheaper shoes.

Odd nails

Fingernails should be properly filed and kept at a decent length. If you polish your nails, take the time to repair the chipped paint or do them over as soon as possible when you get home. Use sedate colours on your nails for going to work on weekdays; bright and funky colours should be left for the weekends.

Slipping slips.

When you wear a slip, make sure that it does not show beneath the hem of your skirt and that they fit snugly around your waist. Best buy them in different lengths. To make it seem that you are not wearing a slip, wear one that matches the colour of your dress or skirt.

Visible bra lines

If the straps of your bra falls off your shoulders, or if it rides up the back or does not give your bosom a lift, then your bra does not fit you. Make sure your bra fits you perfectly