How to make your man happy

By John Boakye

LOVE yourself and be happy. You are good because you are wonderfully and fearfully made. If you are not happy, you can't make your partner happy. It is, therefore, important you free your mind of fear, insecurity, and doubt.

Instead, fill your mind with a positive mental attitude to shape all areas of your life. Enjoy yourself in whatever you do.

Respect him: The greatest need of your partner is respect. Give him all the respect and trust. Show encouragement, affirmation, and admiration to get the best out of him.

This makes him a stronger protector and a provider. Respect his opinion and let him make the final decisions. Allow him to make the mistakes. He will learn. Admire him. Cheer him up in difficult times.

Show him you need him and you are dependent on him. Let him know you make him happy. A man has great emotional fulfilment as he helps a woman. Open up to his help, make him feel he is a wonderful person and that you love him. He will be happy and make you happy. Never attack his masculinity. Never boast of your achievements.

Instead, ask him to do little acts of serĀ¬vice. Romance dies with a woman's indifference, neglect, authority, superiority or argument. If you claim you don't need anything from him, you damage his competency.

Look good: A man loves a lover who is attractive. Poor dressing depresses a man especially when he comes back from work tired and exhausted.

Be a great friend. Share activities. Keep him amused and entertained.

Make him laugh. Laughing is a good catalyst to strong relationship. Go out. Take a walk. Attend functions together.

Take him as he is without trying to reform him or comparing him to others. Instead, earn his confidence. Make him feel you are the only one who will be there for him as you show honesty, acceptance, and appreciation to make him energised.

Be a cheer leader and his hero. Show interest in all he does - work, hobbies, clothes and friends. A man loves a woman who shows great interest in what he does. Learn basic information about his work so that you understand his needs, have intelligible conversation and ask questions. Make inputs that may enhance his work.

Communicate freely but watch your words. Season them with salt of hope and inspiration. Avoid comments that threaten his ego. Listen to him understandably. Ask questions and be patient with him.

Give a good impression about him to your friends, family and colleagues by your kind words' and actions. Never gossip about him or look for sympathy at his expense. If you make good remarks about him, he will hear them and he will be motivated.

Sex is one of man's great needs. A wife, must help make sexual life exciting, adventurous and innovative. It is important you don't deprive your husband of his right. It is also important you don't use sex as a tool. Sex in marriage has many benefits but premarital sex has the opposite effect. It creates guilt and kills trust, commitment, confidence and true intimacy. Premarital sex is not love. It is lust and can never make anyone happy.

Watch over him. A man may look big, strong and mature but deep inside he is very vulnerable. He needs to be 'babied', sometimes especially when he is "broke" or sick.

Can you make your man happy? In reality, no one can make another person happy because happiness comes from within. You can help your partner to be happy by being happy and loveable. A woman who helps make her partner happy is in the real sense of a relationship a great woman who is totally committed to fit into the world of her partner.

She does all she can to help her husband to be happy. She gets the ripple effect in great measure, pressed down and running over. Dare to be that good partner.

By:John Boakye
email: [email protected]