Develop Your Goals To Succeed

By Daily Graphic

Mr Emmanuel Dei-Tumi, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation For Future Leaders International, has impressed on all young people to develop their goals and attain them in order to be successful in life.

He said preparing young people for success in the global society was very important and they could be supported through motivational programmes.


“In today's world, young people need to be inspired and assisted to acquire skills and knowledge in order to be successful,” he explained.

Mr Dei-Tumi was speaking at the second in the series of motivational programmes designed for young people in Accra.

The motivational talk, dubbed “Possibility Forum”, seeks to inspire and educate leaders of the next generation on issues pertaining to career and entrepreneurship development, personal and financial management and leadership development.

He stressed the need for children to recognise, observe, adopt and define their talents and strengths, and further impressed on them that if they did that in the next 10 years they would be very successful.

Mr Dei-Tumi said the friends and decisions one made today were going to affect one's success either positively or negatively in the future.

He disclosed that 25 students from senior high schools all over the country would be selected depending on their attitude, morals and aspirations and groomed during their university education to prepare them for the corporate world.

Story by Paula Ahema