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Andre Villas-Boas is now jobless after just nine months as Chelsea's manager. The million naira question as the club looks to replace him is, who would take over and become the next casualty of the club's millionaire owner, Abramovich, whose stock in trade is the sacking of coaches.

Given the way Chelsea has been firing coaches, analysts have concluded that any manager eyeing the plum job should have to pass a psychiatric evaluation before signing a contract.

Dan Levy of US media site, Bleacher Report stated thus: 'When you think about all the managers before him, Villas-Boas had to know how his job was going to end.'

Levy was quick to point out that the way Carlo Anceloti was sacked is something that should make any manager think twice before heading to Stamford bridge. It is recalled that Anceloti was doing pretty well only to be shown the exit door.

Ancelotti actually won trophies for Chelsea, but rather than reward the coach for his work of rejuvenating the club, Abramovich fired him exactly a year after securing a domestic double by winning the FA Cup and Premier League titles.

It is recalled that the tenure of World Cup champion, Luiz Felip Scolari is almost a blur in Chelsea's history. He was sacked after only six months, making way for caretaker manager, Guus Hiddink, who was then replaced by Ancelotti. We've also yet to mention Abramovich's first manager, Claudio Ranieri, who was sacked after pulling Chelsea out of the mid-table and into championship contention. Ranieri has been bouncing around Europe ever since.

Now, the question is: Who will be the next crazy person to take the reins? Will it be it Mourinho? Is it possible that working for Abramovich is actually better than managing at Real Madrid? Or could it be the true wonderkind of football, Pep Guardiola, who is rumoured to be contemplating leaving Barcelona for Chelsea?

That move would make absolutely no sense for Guardiola, who grew up at Barca and has already made a name for himself as FIFA Coach of the Year at the world's most talented club. Why, why, why would anyone leave Barcelona to deal with the meddlesome brass and utter dysfunction at Chelsea?

In any case, money could attract a manager to Chelsea. After all, AVB was said to have left with too much money after being sacked.

In fact, reports have it that AVB's pocket was too full to the extent that some pounds were falling off while he was walking away from Stamford bridge. Any scavenger around Stamford Bridge would have smiled to the bank from the crumbs falling out of the pocket of a failed coach. Be that as it may, who says managers won't scramble for the job since win or lose, he is sure of making some megabucks.