How to stay calm for a big presentation

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Be positive: instead of just staying calm, look to the presentation as an adventure; an adventure you will enjoy and from which you will learn. Have faith in and trust yourself. Be honest and energised: your audience will respond in kind.
Be confident: know your audience and direct the presentation accordingly; know the subject matter inside and out.
Be inclusive: get the audience involved wherever possible. Position the room to enable you to move around as you speak.

How to paint toenails easily
If I sit on the sofa and keep one foot on the floor as normal and put the other up on the edge of the coffee table on front of me (with my knee bent) I can comfortably lean forward and paint the nails of the raised foot.

Paint those toes with wild abandon! Just do it in the evening so they can dry completely before you go to sleep. In the morning shower any polish slopped on your skin will practically wipe away!

Just take your time! Put your foot on a magazine so that you don't dump the polish. Make sure your hand is steady. And if you make a mistake, you know what they always say, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again!!"
Make sure you have a really great nail polish remover!
How to get soft feet
This sounds kinda hokey, but it works.
You'll need a thick deep-moisturizing cream/lotion, 2 plastic shopping bags, and a pair of warm, thick socks.
Soak your feet in warm water to get them clean and soft, exfoiliate them with a pumice stone. Then, right before hopping into bed, slather the cream on your feet--put on a very thick coat of lotion, much more than you can get rubbed in right away. Next, put 1 plastic bag on each foot. Last, put a sock on each foot. The plastic bag prevents the sock from absorbing the cream and helps hold the heat so your feet absorb more of the moisture from the cream or lotion. Warning: do not try to walk once the lotion, bags & socks are on your feet...I got a very sore bum when I wandered to the loo late one night.

How to make the perfect omelette
Use a crepe pan to cook evenly and make flipping easier. also, whip a little milk into the egg mixture to keep it light and fluffy.

How to get chewing gum out of hair

Cover the area with ice cubes and it will eventually crack away from the hair. If your hair is very long you can try to stick that particular piece in the freezer but this may be extremely awkward.
Rub peanut butter in hair to release chewing gum, fun-tak, or ply dough. Works like magic.
Use peanut butter. No idea how it works – but it does! You will need to wash after to get the oil left behind out.
How to stop pulling hair out
It's a condition related to OCD, called Trichotillomania. I have it and it's horrible! I hate going to the hairdressers, fortunately my mum knows all about it and she's a hairdresser so that helps. See your GP who will put you in touch with a therapist. You need to try it, as it's a compulsion you may not be able to stop this on your own. Otherwise give yourself little treats, eg 'If I can go for an hour without puling my hair I'll get myself a choccie bar', 'If I can go a day I'll get myself some earrings' etc. And if you do pull your hair give yourself a little slap, eg 'I've pulled my hair out, so no xxxx today' etc. Put a piccy up somewhere you'll see every few hours of someone with gorgeous hair and remind yourself you can have that hair if you really want.
Hope that helps

How to treat dry lips
Brush your lips every week to remove dead skin and keep the colour even. Apply vaseline after brushing and make sure you have Carmex with you during the day if they feel a litttle dry. It works wonders!