Ghanaian Men Weak Sexually

By Daily Guide

Just like the adage, 'When a crab comes from the water to say the crocodile is dead, you do not have to doubt it', would society however believe it when a woman who has spent more than 10 years of her life sleeping with men for money says that a lot of Ghanaian men are sexually weak?

Well, this is exactly what a 26-year-old Ghanaian prostitute is saying about a lot of Ghanaian men.

It is frightening when one looks at the number this woman is pointing at and more frightening when one again looks at the age group she mentioned as sexually weak.

26-year-old Theresa, a native of Odumase-Krobo was not embarrassed about telling this reporter of her almost 11 years profession as a prostitute when she offered him a lift in a taxi she had charted.

This reporter had just left a herbalist's residence where he had gone to treat a leg he had earlier on twisted during a soccer game, and was limping home when Theresa asked the taxi driver to pull over and give him a lift.

He thanked her and sat in the front seat but she asked him to join her in the back seat.

After about five minutes drive, she then turned to this reporter and begun asking series of questions about him and what he did for a living.

He started by telling her his age and where he lived and just as he was about to tell her what he did for a living, she got a call on her cell phone so he had to wait for her to finish with whoever was on line.

After what seemed like a heated argument with her caller, she turned to him to apologize for sounding uncouth on the phone.
He told her not to worry and that everybody gets mad sometimes and says all sorts of things.

He asked her what the problem was.
It was this question that got her to tell him all about herself and what she did for a living.

“My name is Theresa. I am 26-years-old and come from Odumase-Krobo but live in Tema presently.”

She paused for a while and then asked this reporter if he really wanted to know who she was and what she did for a living.

“I am a prostitute and have been doing this for close to 11 years.”
Theresa at this point asked if he was not surprised to hear her say that to him. He replied that he was not because there were a lot of prostitutes out there.

He became interested in her story and asked her to tell him how she got into prostitution and what it felt like doing that job.

She pointed out that her entry into the business was quite different from that of her colleagues who were never told the truth about what they were going into.

“I must admit that I was told about it and I opted to do it because it was the only option I had then.”

“I lost my dad when I was five and life was very hard for us,” referring to her two sisters, a brother and their mother.

“I had to come out of school to help my mum sell foodstuffs at the market. It got to a point where things got worse and mum found it hard to provide two square meals for us.

“When I turned 15, a former school mate whom I had not seen for a while visited my home-town and was actually looking good.

“After about a week's stay, she approached me and explained to me that I could do something about the poor state of my family by engaging in the prostitution business.

“Ever since I slept with my first client, I have never looked back.
“You know the sad thing about my profession”? she asked.
“It is when I charge a client so much and he comes so quickly.

“It sometimes sounds crazy but the truth is that I sometimes charge as much as GH¢ 100 for an hour and just after coming, which can't even last for 2 to 3 minutes, some can't sleep with me again.

“In fact, a lot of Ghanaian men are sexually weak,” she added.
“Quite a number of them always smell of alcohol. Perhaps they think that they are better at making love to women when they are drunk.

“It is amazing how some men just ejaculate so quickly; sometimes it is under one minute and it makes me ask if they can get married and satisfy their wives sexually, thereby making these women faithful to their husbands.”

Reacting to a question as to whether these men pay that much only for sex, she replied that some of them come making crazy demands such as oral sex and even anal sex.

“I sometimes do those things for them if the offer is good,” she said.

Asked who clients often are, Theresa mentioned that they cut across society and included both young and old. She also stated that some religious leaders sometimes sought her services.

'There is a fine gentleman who comes to me quite often. Recently, he came to my place wearing a wedding ring and when I enquired about when he got wedded and where his wife was, he said he had been married for about five weeks, and because she is still schooling, he has to make do with me for the meantime until she comes back from school.”

Asked how many men she had slept with since she started, she said it would be difficult to point out the number of men but was quick to say that she had been in the business for close to 11 years.

She sounded boastful, mentioning some of the things she had been able to achieve out of her profession. She mentioned a house, a trotro Benz bus, a container which is being used to sell provisions, and the ability to take care of her mum and siblings.

“Initially, it was difficult explaining to mum and siblings what I did for the money I was sending them every month, but I gathered courage and explained to them that it was for them that I am into prostitution.”

Asked by this reporter when she was going to bow out of this profession, she said, “I am only 26 and have thought about doing this for maybe 14 years more. Then I will stop and take care of my daughter who is just 4-years-old.” she answered.

Reacting to a question as to whether she would marry after bowing out, Theresa was quick to say that she would have had a lot of men by the time she bows out, and may not be interested in sleeping with men again after doing prostitution for well over 25 years.
By Razak Mardorgyz Abubakar