Where To Find Your Motivated To Marry Partner

By Amy Schoen

My philosophy from a very young age is to go where the guys are. I was lucky to have an older brother and I used to play tennis, biked, ran track (the girls practiced with the guys) and skied. I met a lot of guys during that time and always had a boyfriend since the 9th grade because I liked doing what they did. I met my college boyfriend on the tennis courts!

The following activities are where women, as a whole, would be in the minority and I recommend them to seek out to meet men:

1. Anything related to sports!

As an participant:

Bicycling groups
Tennis ladders and clinics

Ski clubs

Running clubs


Coed-softball teams or games

Coed-volleyball teams or games

Racquetball leagues and ladders

Golf clubs

Kickball teams

Ultimate Frisbee

Coed Soccer leagues

Bowling leagues

Working out with weights at the gym

As a spectator:

Sports bars with viewing of basketball, football, baseball games. (Especially March madness!)

Going to college or professional sports games: baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey.

2. Internet Dating Sites:

Since guys see the internet as time and money efficient, this is a good way to connect with guys. Also, going in chat rooms with any subject
you are interested in may be a good way to connect.

3. For the more intellectually oriented:

Bridge groups

Chess groups

Discussion groups on topic of male interest

4. For those more politically oriented:

Fundraising activities

Local politics

5. Religious institutions

Religious study classes

Weekly services

Social events or speakers at your religious institution

For men, I recommend you go where the women are mostly likely to be. Women partake in these various activities and where women usually outnumber men!

1. Arts and Crafts classes:



Fine arts: watercolors and oil painting

Jewelry making

2. Cooking classes

Cooking schools

County classes

Gourmet food demonstrations (ie. Whole Foods)

3. Exercise classes

Body conditioning classes


Step aerobics

Stretch class



4. Theatre Groups

5. Movie groups, ie. the Film Society

6. The Arts


Museum events in the evening and weekends

7. Easy hiking groups

8. Book clubs

9. Dance classes and dances

10. Wine tasting events

11. College Alumni events

12. Tour groups: cruises and bus tours

13. Support groups

14. Book signings and authors speaking at book stores

15. Volunteer organizations