Internet Dating Do's and Don'ts

By Amy Schoen

1. About your picture on the site:

Do look friendly and approachable.

Do put the best picture possible on your profile.

Don't put just any mug shot of you on your site.

Don't be with other people. Dog, cat and kids are okay!

2. About your profile on the site:

Do include what's unique about you and why someone may want to go out with you.

Do describe your values in the body of the profile. What's fulfilling for you? What do you treasure?

Do try to be as descriptive as possible so the reader will experience what you do. (Help them see, smell and hear the beach) Put in a come play with me quality!

Don't put stuff in your profile that is not putting your best foot forward.

Don't lie! Be honest and upbeat. That doesn't mean you have to tell all your faults!

3. Contacting each other:

Do go after quality and not quantity!

Do find something that you connect to. A cause or a passion.

Do email back and forth a couple of times to get a sense of a person: their way of thinking and how they express themselves.

Don't be a pen pal! If the person is unwilling to talk on the phone, stop the interchange.

Do talk on the phone to gain further rapport.

Do trust your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, don't pursue any further.

Don't talk on the phone for weeks without making plans to get together.

4. Meeting each other:

Do give each other cell phone numbers in case something happens on your way to the meeting.

Do meet in a public place for coffee during the day, if possible

Do “be yourself”.

Don't run away if the person doesn't look like what you thought.

Don't give out too much information about yourself before you know the person better.

Don't expect the man to pay (women). Be prepared to pay your share. It will be a nice surprise if he does pay.

Do give a nice person a second chance. Chemistry can develop over time.

5. Following up

Do be honest about your level of interest in the person. They may know someone else you'd like to meet.

Do thank the person for a nice time and if someone paid.

Don't say you'll call and not call!

Don't wait a month to call the woman if you liked her. She may have moved onto her next prospect