Help Me Overcome My Shyness

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty, I am a girl of 19 and in SSS. My worry is that I am always shy, especially when I am among boys.

In view of this, I find it very difficult to contribute to class discussions or ask questions. I have tried so many times to overcome it but I haven't succeeded.
I once told my friends about this and they said it was because I was a virgin. They told me to start having sex now else the problem would get worse and I might never be able to get a husband. Are my friends right?


Dear Patience, Shyness is very common in children, teens and even adults. All people feel shy at some time in their lives, but being shy most of the time can cause difficulties with day-to-day activities and in your relationship with people.

Sometimes it's normal to feel shy, such as when you are new in a place for the first time, but after you get to know the people around you, you should learn to mix and chat with them and stop keeping to yourself.

Overcoming shyness is not something that can happen overnight. You can work on it gradually and it will eventually become easier to feel less nervous when people are around.

Sometimes it becomes more difficult when you are a girl among several boys, but don't let that make you timid. If you are confident of what you are going to talk about you should not be shy to speak.

This means that you have to prepare well for each class so that you can ask intelligent questions. Try it and you will overcome it after some time.

Pat, shyness has got nothing to do with being a virgin. Don't be deceived by your friends or fall for their lies.

May be they have broken their virginity and want you to be like them. I'm sure they have regretted their action so do not listen to them.

You've done so well and I'm so proud of you. Continue to live pure and read every time before you go to class and force yourself to participate in class discussions. You'll be fine.

You have to shun friends who will influence you negatively and don't seek advice from them; they are young and inexperienced and may, give you information that could be misleading.

Make your mum your friend so that you can discuss things which bother you with her.