I Can't Give Him That

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty, I am a girl of 19 and in SSS Two. I have a boyfriend who is 21 and working. We've been together for four years. We agreed not to have sex till we marry but he's been confusing me of late.

He now says we should engage in sex since we are both virgins. I love him very much but I would like to stay away from premarital sex. What should I do?


Dear Gifty, First I think you need to search yourself and find out why you began this relationship. Did you do so because it was fashionable or it was that you were attracted to him because of his looks?

Young people like you are always advised to stay away from early relationships because of the temptation of early sex.

Right now you are both not mature enough to handle the challenges which come with such relationships because there is always the tendency to be tempted to try sex.

Do your best to back out of the relationship. Tell him you are no longer interested and do not allow him to make you change your decision. Hang out more with your siblings and your female friends so that you do not feel lonely to cause you to go back to him.

He is older and should know better. He is being selfish so do not allow him to have his way with you. When the right time comes you will get a better person as your partner. But for now, behave your age and don't think about marriage.