She’s Always On My Mind

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am a boy of 15 and in JSS Two. There is this girl in my class whom I'm attracted to. I'm always watching her from afar or thinking about her.

Her image is always on my mind and I think of nothing else but her. In fact I've been having sleepless nights thinking of her. Auntie, I need advice on what to do.


Dear Osafo, It is not unusual for young people like you to get attracted to each other but that does not mean you are ready for a relationship.

This feeling you are having is what is called infatuation. You might be attracted to this girl because you find her pretty, brilliant, etc and that is what you are dying about.

Since you know by now that it is not the best to have a special friend at this age, you have to do your best to overcome this urge.

You can do so by making friends with other young people (both male and female) so that you will not be tempted to become attached to her.

You can also occupy your time with extra-curricular activities like playing football, volley, tennis, etc to get your mind off her.

The tendency for many young people to engage in sex is always high once they start picking special friends from the opposite sex.

I believe you know the effects of premarital sex by now, including teenage pregnancy and Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STDs), so you will do well to fight this feeling and wait till you are capable of taking care of yourself and other responsibilities.