We Want Our Teacher Back

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am 15 years and in JSS Two. My class teacher is angry with the class because he says we are disrespectful.

He says we don't stand up when answering questions in class and talk while he is teaching.

Now, he doesn't come to the class but gives the notes to the Class Prefect to write on the board for us.

I learnt he had vowed never to step into our class again. This position of his, however, is affecting us since he teaches both Mathematics and Social Studies.

Assin Fosu.

Dear Eyiah, Since your teacher is accusing the entire class of acts of disrespect towards him, it will be prudent for the whole class to write a letter of apology to him and have your prefect deliver it on your behalf.

If this, however, does not yield any good results, your class can then call on another teacher who is his good friend or the headteacher to talk to him on your behalf.

When you are able to do that he would realise that the class has turned over a new leaf and is willing to heed his directions.

I must say that I am disappointed in your class for being so disrespectful as to cause your teacher not to come to the classroom.

In our society, all children stand up to answer or ask questions. It is courteous to do so. This should be a lesson to you all. Never to do that again.