Your Man Wants Out

By Daily Graphic

I am 20 and have been seeing a guy for nearly a year now. We are both in the university. We used to get on great and loved hanging out together and he would often stay over.

Recently, however, we have not been getting on very well and argue more or less all of the time. It really gets us down. I spend nearly every night in tears these days.

I really honestly have tried so many things to make it work but he's just not willing to change. Whenever I suggest we talk things over, he goes out with his mates instead or ends up getting really angry.

He even mentioned the other day that he thought if we broke up he would easily be able to cope and didn't think he'd miss me that much. This seriously broke my heart. What should I do?

Renee, Odorkor
Dear Renee, do nothing but walk. It seems this relationship sounds as if it's ran its course. You have certainly come to the end of the road. Your man sounds bored.

Why don't you suggest a break for a while and see what he says. In fact if he has already said he doesn't think it would bother him and that he wouldn't miss you if you broke up, I think that speaks for itself.

I know it is not easy but hey you need to face the facts here. Baby gal, he is just not interested anymore. He wants out. Period.