She Treated Me Like Dirt

By Daily Graphic

My girlfriend just broke up with me.We were together for about a year and a half. But most of that time was spent long distance.

Even though I hate long-distance relationships, I told her that I would do whatever it takes to keep us together. And I did all I could to keep the relationship going.

I wanted her to fall in love with me and have romantic feelings for me, so we would stay together for a long time.

What I can't understand is that it seems like the better I treated her, the worse she treated me, until she finally just broke up with me.

She even said to me one day, "Why do you treat me so well when all I do is treat you like dirt."

O.J., Adeiso
Dear OJ, letting a woman walk all over you doesn't get you the girl. Not only is it painful, it doesn't work. So stop doing it! My brother, taking a lot of bad treatment is not the same as being loving.

You see when you are nice to a partner who is not nice to you, he/she loses respect for you and subsequently treats you worse in the next interaction.

It is unfortunate your girlfriend didn't appreciate you but all is not lost yet. I am sure you will find that special person once you get over her which I agree will not be easy.

Start treating yourself with respect and when you find that special person she will appreciate you. You will however have to treat yourself with respect first.

As they say, "living well is the best revenge." When a woman sees you treating yourself with respect, she'll be more likely to respect you, too.