Why Do Women Flirt?

By pfm

In the animal kingdom it is real to have multiple sexual partners but God in his own wisdom planned that a man should have one life partner – that was why in the beginning, he created only one woman (Eve) for Adam but not two or more. However in recent times, it has become a common phenomenon that young women for some reasons best known to them to date two or more men at the same time.

What is more awful and abhorring is how some married women go out with other men after swearing to be faithful to their husbands. The big question then is “Why Do Some Women Flirt? Why can't they stick to one man? Sampling the views of the public by some marriage experts, they attributed this bad habit to lust, poverty, financial and moral constraints, while some are said to be hereditary.

Leslie McCarthy of Peace FM conducted a survey which revealed that there are some married women who get all the sexual satisfaction from their husbands, are financially sound and provided with all the joy and basic needs in marriage but still go after other men. Case study has confirmed that most of these women who taught they were being smart end up losing their dignity and in some cases their partners.

In the case of young unmarried women who jump from one man to another, they end up thronging the churches seeking God's intervention for life partners. But what they should be mindful of is that whoever cheats on others rather end up as the greater loser.