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Overseer of Elijah Faith Assembly, Aswani, Lagos, Prophet Chinonso Favour Aniebo, has advised the Federal Government to seek God's direction on how to manage the resources of the country. The prophet gave the advice while celebrating his 29th birthday recently with the needy at the Sosaid Charity Home, Ago Palaceway, Okota, Lagos.

Commenting on fuel subsidy removal and insecurity in the land, Aniebo urged leaders to anchor their faith in God to gain divine ways on how to govern the people and manage God's given resources. He also called on them to live for the under-privileged of the nation.

'The Bible made us to understand that Jesus on the last day will say, 'I was hungry, you did not give me food, I was naked, you did not cloth me. He says if you can do this to any little one among them, you have done it to me. This is also an avenue through which God blesses people. When you give, surely you must receive especially when you sow your seed in a fertile ground,' he explained.

'What I am doing is to expose these homes for the leaders to know that there are many hungry people in the nation who need to be taken care of. I am not only sending the message to the leaders of this country but to all the servants of God that instead of using our money to build mansions in the name of church auditorium and houses all over the place, we should focus on the needy because people are dying yet Nigeria is rich.'

The Prophet said God has brought him to where he is today and has given him the privilege to give to others therefore, he was convinced that there is hope for everyone in any situation one might have found himself or herself.

On his birthday celebration, Aniebo said, 'I see the occasion as an opportunity to give the under-privileged hope. I see them as a group of people who need encouragement. When you come in their midst you see the need not to go and throw party in a club or a place where people who are healthy will come to eat and drink.'

According to the prophet, there are three reasons why God blesses people. 'He blesses you so that you can sponsor the gospel; take care of the under-privilege, and take care of your family and yourself.

Aniebo, who has visited many orphanage homes in the past said, it is something that will continue from time to time, and not only when he is celebrating his birthday.

Apart from the financial gift and material items including 16 bags of rice, enough clothes for men and women, children wears, and others, the church ministered salvation and healing to the people. Members of the home rejoiced, danced and thanked God for His faithfulness.

In her response, the director of the home, Concern Felicia Martins, who have received many awards, thanked Prophet Aniebo and the church for their humanitarian services.

She noted: 'Christendom has nothing to do with church name but it is about making impact in people's lives. We can move because God is with us. It takes those who have the calling to do this work and we are available to do the job. Instead of people dying on the roads, call us to pick them up. We are in Abia, Imo and we have two branches in Lagos.'

Mrs. Martins regretted that: 'Nigeria is 51 but we are still picking women and children in the streets. Some people are still eating in the waste bins and drinking gutter water. How I wish I have my kind of people at least 10 in Nigeria for us to fight the cause.'