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PPPRA statement is illegal- CNPP!

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Regrettably, the announcement by the spokesman of the PPPRA to the effect that they had removed the so called Fuel Subsidy is meant to cause confusion; the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties {CNPP} wishes to reaffirm our Seven Point Charter and state

 as follows:
1.That the statement emanating from the spokesman of PPPRA to the effect that they had removed the Fuel Subsidy did not follow the due process, the rule of law, is unfortunately contrary to the PPPRA Act and therefore illegal null, void and of no effect.

2.That the Board of the PPPRA has not met and any decision of such magnitude taking without the Board is illegal, ultra vires and meant only to satisfy President Goodluck Jonathan and his Food is Ready cohorts.

3.To the best of our knowledge the PPPRA Act has not been amended by the NASS and consequently we reaffirm our 7-Point-Charter;

-         President Jonathan: Build New Refineries; for if you don't have confidence that Nigerians can manage refineries, we don't have confidence that you can manage the withdrawal proceeds!


Stop the Rampant Corruption in Fuel Importation; for the actual cost of production of a litre of PMS is N39!


Stop Rampant Corruption in Fuel Importation; for if cannot probe the corruption, you cannot Guarantee the Proceeds to be   withdrawn!

Removal of Fuel Subsidy is a road Nigerians had passed severally since 1978! 

The serial promises made to Nigerians were broken and the pains of serial removal of Fuel Subsidy have remained permanent!

Don't push us to the street; for we went to the street to make you president and would not like to go to the street to remove you as president!


Call on all patriots to join the mother of Mass Action!

Osita Okechukwu

National Publicity Secretary