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By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors * Emails: [email protected] ;

THE MAIN CHARACTERISTICS or FEATURES of our Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEducation for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans can be summarized as follows:

It is both oral and written and not only written because our Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans believe total Education must be totally oral and written, Divine , Ancestral, Spirit based and Secular at the same time .

It is also both formal and informal and not only formal. It is not limited to classrooms and lecture rooms but everywhere Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are found.

All because to our Ancient, one's Community is one's school and the whole Universe or World is one's University to attend, learn and graduate from for life.

Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEducation for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is also functional because whatever one's is taught can readily, easily and quickly be used in one's Life and Community for the benefits of all.

It is also a Divine/Ancestral/Spirit Education and Knowledge in Origin, Concept, Definition, Perspective, Practice and Results.

But Continental AfrikaEducation is not only Spirit-based but also secular as a way of balancing the knowledge we acquire WITHIN US with the knowledge one acquire OUTSIDE us in the school of life.

Its end result is not acquisition of Foreign degrees but HAVING THE INNER MEANS AND GUTS TO SERVE others as the BEST Way of serving oneself and the Divine.

Continental AfrikaEducation is not also bookish education or book knowledge but Home and Life Education that begins at home and ends with death.

It begins with Self-knowledge as the KEY to Total and Wholistic Education, Knowledge, Acceptance, Love, Appreciation, Respect, Defense, Protection and Promotion of living in Tune at all time to the Power and Benefits of our Glorious Continental Afrikan Past, Root , Identity, Culture and Way of Life and Being

While today's alien education for Continental/Diaspora Afrikans specializes in keeping us IGNORANT about our Continental AfrikaIdentity and Might Power or teaching us LIES or IGNORANCE in the Name of the TRUTH or teaching us Things we cannot use to free ourselves from Foreign Domination and Control or teaching us everything positive about others and little or nothing about ourselves as Afrikacentric Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, Nationals, Citizens and Owners NOT of the Poorest but the Richest Continent on Earth for us to reclaim, unify, empower, develop, enrich, protect, defend and promote for our Benefit and FREEDOM from their Invisible Domination, Control and Exploitation . ,

That is why , Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEducation for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is SELF-KNOWLEDGE BASED EDUCATION which begins by teaching all Continental/Diaspora why we are not who and what we think we are today, why all today's One Billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are Afrikacentric Continental Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds at all time and at all place, the Glorious things we did in the past as One Mighty and Free Continental Afrikan People, how, why and when we did them and how to do AGAIN today and better and better all the Glorious and Positive things we did yesterday for the Betterment of our Today and Tomorrow.

It also teaching us that whatever knowledge we acquire abroad or from others must be used not to destroy, contaminate or replace our own Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEducation but to empower, consolidate, reinforce, solidify and make it better for the benefits of all.

In addition, Continental AfrikaEducation has no end. It begins in our Mother's womb which our Ancestors Call Heaven and ends in another Heaven called the sacred Bosom of Mother Earth and the Universe.

All because, our Ancient believe Knowledge or Education is like a Baobab Tree, one person can never embrace it, meaning, ENUNYA, ADIDOE, ASI METUNE O.

Besides, in Continental Afrikan Education, everybody is the Teacher and the Professor of Life starting and moving through with one's Parents, Grand-parents, Elders, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles and all the Elders of One's Community, Asafo Companies, and all the political, economic and social Leaders who are not FOREIGN PRODUCTS but PRODUCTS of their own People who they know, understand, can protect , defend and make life better for .

This means, at every given time in the life of the Continental Afrikan Child, Youth and Student there is always Someone with more knowledge and more experienced of Life and in Life than him/her , willing at all times to teach, train, advise, correct, motivate, punish and reward the Continental Afrikan Child as the Perpetual Student of Life who never ceases to learn, observe and study and learn from his Elders who have been where he/she is now going .

This means, the Continental AfrikaChild is never alone. He/she is always surrounded by competent and qualified Experts of EVERYDAY LIFE, PRACTICAL LIFE, THE DOS AND DONTS OF SUCCESSFUL LEAVING from those who have already traveled or gone the way of the REAL world and life which the newly born Continental Afrikan child is to tread.

As long as the Continental AfrikaChild learns to humble himself/herself, respect and talk less but listen and observe his/her Teachers and Professors of life and for life, the community as a whole through its Continental AfrikaEducation makes sure and guarantees the Continental AfrikaChild all the best it has that can only make the best out of its Children for them to become the best Afrikacentric Continental Afrikans they can be in thoughts, words and deeds not for only their individual profit but for the pride, dignity, and prosperity of their community.

In other words, Continental AfrikaEducation does not educate and train its continental Afrikan Children in Foreign ways to serve Foreign interests in Afrika but in Continental Afrikan WAY to serve Continental Afrikan Needs and Interests in Afrika.

Continental AfrikaEducation is therefore community responsibility through which the entire Continental Afrikan Community or Society , big or small and as a whole becomes actively involved in educating, teaching, training and bringing up collectively, Positive , Proud, Dignified, Secure, Rich, Strong, Kind, Honest, Sincere, Generous, Respectful, Continental Afrikan children it wants and needs to ensure its Positive Continuity After the Elders have moved to the next phase of their lives in Life.

By preparing and making all its Children, Masters, Practitioners, Defenders, Custodians, Protectors and Perpetuators of all the Positive Elements of its Continental Afrikan Culture, Values, Customs and Traditions, every Continental AfrikaCommunity makes sure all its children have the necessary Fertile Land they all need for their lives to grow on and to become the cherished and desirable Positive Baobab Tree with many Branches capable of Harboring and Protecting all the Elders of the Community who have not forgotten them when they were KIDS in need of constant attention, care, love, devotion, guidance, advice and protection .

This means, Continental AfrikaEducation is not education for education sake. It is not degrees for degrees sake. It is not classroom education. It is not book education. It is not Foreign-imported and controlled education for the Afrikan. It is not accumulation of a chain of knowledge, information, facts, truths which we cannot use and which alienate us from our Afrikan Community.

It is the Education that educates and trains all Continental Afrikans in everything that matters to all Continental Afrikans. It educates and trains Continental Afrikans how to be at all TIME, truthful, upright, honest, sincere, useful, right, correct, crime-free, negativity-free and Positive at all time for the Good of all.

BENEFITS of Continental AfrikaEducation for all Continental Afrikans include 1) Total Knowledge of our Continental Afrikan SELF, IDENTITY, PERSONHOOD as part of parcel of our Afrikacentric Afrikan Community at all levels ,

2) Total Attainment of Oneself with one's Divinity, Ancestrality and Spiritology within us and with and One's Community,

3) Acquisition, mastery and daily practice of the Power to be totally Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan in Thoughts, Words and Deeds ,

4) Know and uphold what is Continental Afrikan in all its Purity, Glory and Power and to reject what destroys our Afrikans,

5) to know and distinguish at all time , our Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaTruth from the lies, the grain from the chaff, and the ability and pride to protect, defend, uphold, cherish, strengthen, accept, love, respect, believe, and have Faith in one's own AFRIKACENTRICITY OR AFRIKANESS as the political , economic and social FOUNDATION and POINT OF REFERENCE for all the BEST we need and want to be as modern, conscious and mentally liberated continental Afrikans in life in dignity for all . .

The HAVOC of following "reformed" or "Afrikanized" alien education systems to the Continental Afrikans include teaching Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, LIES instead of truth, MISINFORMATION rather than relevant and correct knowledge, SELF-IGNORANCE , MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT AND UPROOTMENT instead of Self-Knowledge, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Respect, Self-Mastery and Self-Fulfillment , AN END TO THE INSULT AND CURSE OF Continental/Diaspora Afrikans being educated not the AfrikaWay but FOREIGN ways which makes them prefer pro-Foreign education to their own pro-Continental AfrikaEducation as the guaranteed ways of programming them to think like political, economic and social crumbs, act like crumbs, work for crumbs, believe they are crumbs and become political, economic and social crumbs for others to keep our Loaves we are ignorant of .

That means, only Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEducation for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans will save all Continental Afrikans from the present havoc of the colonialism of alien education.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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