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PDP Star Witness May Have Blackmailed Sylva

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Those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it. The drama created during the power vacuum resulting from President Yar`adua health crisis vis-à-vis death, is still fresh in our memory. President Jonathan and his men, who were at the receiving

 end at that time, appear determined to hand that same bitter pill to his fellow kinsman, Timipre Sylva. But it remains to be seen if this unfolding comedy will thrive.

Constitutionally, Timipre Sylva is guaranteed a second term bid at the governorship seat of Baylesa state. But the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is determined to stop him, based on allegations raised in a petition authored by John Idumaghe.

Unbeknownst to the National Working Committee of the PDP, the petition against Timipre Sylva arose because he refused to succumb to being blackmailed into paying twenty million naira, which the petitioner, John Idumaghe claims represent money owed him for campaigning for the incumbent governor during the 2007 elections.

Hear him:
'We are not fighting. I have told him (Sylva) to pay me my money I spent campaigning for him with more than fifty persons in my team. I look stupid before all my team members. He (sylva) should pay me the N20million I spent and I will not make any public comment about him, even though I will continue with my political aspirations.'

Asked if there was a contractual agreement between him and Timipre Sylva, Idumaghe John failed to provide an answer, but said 'Sylva is owing my media Organization KOSMIC Green Konsult the Sum of N50 Million being money owed to both print and electronic media which my team incurred while campaigning for him in 2007.

'I have consistently demanded for the money. The Governor who believes that I will expose him someday declared me a ghost worker while I was on leave of absence duly granted by the University. This is the 24th month I have not been paid in my University. I petitioned him on account of the extra-judicial murders but the PDP Chairman, one Waribugo Sylva and Austin said the Governor will pay N20million for me to withdraw the Petition and I told them no.

'They are still pestering me. Nathan Egba is aware but he is not directly involved in talking to me. Everything was phone talk because I have not been to Yenagoa since there is a plot to kill me. Sylva is my kinsman and he is desperate because he takes a lot of cocaine and heroine. He will surely go to jail. Thanks.'

Mr. Idumaghe, in a conversation with one Igwe, an ally of Governor Sylva said: 'Igwe, I don't need his appointment. He promised initially, but I know he does not keep his promises. Pay me my campaign money. Three Universities are looking for my services', he said. view photo large 

Democracy is about competition, but President Jonathan and his men seem to have perfected their own version of constitutionalism. This adaptation is tantamount to autocracy with semblance of democracy; a coronation appropriately describes what President Jonathan and members of his Green Movement have put in place, to disqualify all competent contenders, to make room for their candidate of choice, Hon. Dickson.

In the words of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, this is a 'demonstration of craze.' Hon. Dickson served as attorney-general of Bayelsa state, when Goodluck Jonathan was governor of the state. He awarded to himself, contract of one hundred and fifty million naira, to purchase books for the Bayelsa state ministry of Justice library. He collected the total contract sum, using a company with no known address, but did not supply a single book to the library.

Hon. Dickson has since been indicted by Bayelsa state House of Assembly that consist mainly PDP members, but the National Working Committee of the same party had adjudged him fit and proper to run for the governorship of the state from which he stole One hundred and fifty million

Citizen Reporter 
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