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There have been a spate of deaths in the movie industry tagged Nollywood and whilst some look at it as normal,some are crying out that all is not well and something must be done.

I received this rebroadcasted message recently and the names in it included Austin Faani,Walter Anga,Leo Mezie,Ify Okeke,Oby Somina Okafor and Emeka Rollas…who is the originator of this broadcast?

This is what the broadcast reads.Could this be what is wrong with Nollywood?

You have a choice to believe me or not,I am not even hiding my identity.Evil lurks in the industry,many are gone and more will go if we don't turn to God.70 per cent in the industry are not clean and the clean ones are not serious…God said to Abraham,show me one man that is holy in Sodom and Gomorrah,so that I will avert the destruction of the city and there was no one found!...Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed till date.

These days,we do worse than they did… men enjoy men! Women do same,fetish involvement,so as to outshine others! All these new generation chics and some producers,directors,who go occultic have so stained our industry and God is not happy.

We are not worth a naira in the presence of the Lord anymore,how then do we cry over death!God can never turn on us if we don't turn on him first.

Let's go back to the former way of film making…less envy,acknowledgement of God's Sabbath day,stop immoral acts,stop juju(in African tone).

Please my people we still love ourselves no matter what is at stake,we wish not to cry again…Let's make the change we need…God is still waiting for the change…We will never die young in Jesus name