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Step By Step Amaechi Is Getting There

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Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State is doing everything he could do to bring development to state. But this is with much sweat, as development and improvement to the lives of the common folks out there are yet to be prioritized in the state, whereas a few persons in the state are quietly happy and over joyous. Therefore, perfection in the people's welfare is still farfetched. It can be deduced that the 'new Rivers State' many people craved to see is taking eternity to manifest, without an in-depth comprehension of the governor's perspective to the whole discourse. People are not seeing better living conditions.

The government on 27th October marked the 4th year of the Supreme Court judgment that brought in Amaechi to power, without minding that there is no need to celebrate, when about 99 % of the people are suffering untold hardship in the state. People have just been quiet, unlike the Americans who took protests on the Wall Street demanding the equal right in the employment opportunities in their country.

We have been reading all the clicking on the people's psyche to just be quiet. It is memorable that over 90% of the people are not happy again with Amaechi's government, and they do not assume the position of the governor, because things have gone awry than they were. The state today is bankrupt, according to the recent reports on 27 states that have contracted financial flu.

High rate of crime have glossed the state, with the governor recently saying in a report that the prosecution of the ex-governors will not bring about the end of corruption in the country, whereas sounding like one who is jittered over prosecution someday. Any person or group, who is sincere in dealings, will not be afraid of prosecution and will never go to the court to quash such application against him/her or it. It is very dangerous how our collective public funds are handed over to a few select of individuals with immunity covering them. A few individuals would say that as far as they were concerned, the governor is doing a good job.

We demand that Amaechi should do a good job. He should stop seeing being a governor as a charitable or voluntary post to glorify few individuals; after all we are paying him. It is not good that Amaechi is widely suspected as being extremely corrupt. He has been unable to do better as he postulates. “The Change” that Amaechi claims “we can see” in Rivers State are damaged roads and infrastructures, which he was supposed to develop Rivers with the resources he is entrusted with?

The Rivers masses, in order to accurately judge performance, will continue to demand true accountability and not mere pictures and conceited statements by the governor with the State House's journalists whenever the heat was much, thereby classically contradicting the opinions and judgments of the citizens. Who is content with the present state of things in Rivers State? Those that call for Amaechi's celebrations are the only people that may give the answer. There is little or no positive change in the living conditions of people in Rivers State, under Governor Amaechi-led government. Without prompting, people are angry that the Governor's works have not restored some sanity to some notoriously uncontained places. If the governor is doing very well, why are people turning their noses up whenever and wherever he was mentioned? Those that have been giving him kudos are doing so with a benefit of doubt when you meet with them.

The way Amaechi handled 'terrorism' in Rivers State, daring the so called militants and calling their bluff is commendable, but why has the state gone bankrupt if terrorizing the state with guns have not shifted to terrorizing the state's coffers? Today, somebody is running around begging courts and 'surrounding himself with injunctions'. People are jumping on the bandwagon praising Amaechi for building classrooms, hospitals, etc., but who cares if the state has gone bankrupt? Are people not tired of these 'advertisements' in newspapers whenever he builds one of his millennium classrooms, hospitals without wondering what his job was in the first place?

While few people among the majority are aware and critical, yet the Amaechi's government bamboozles us with newspaper pictures and sugarcoated press briefs. Kudos to Amaechi, step by step, Rivers is going down and we are getting there, as critics had earlier promised him that his government may be the worse in the history of Rivers State. Word in the Government House, Port Harcourt (not on the street) is that he is doing comparatively well. People greet his achievements with nothing more than measured approval. Imagine that! Whereas professionals have frowned at such Government House's statement owing to the state's bankruptcy report. The irony of it is that Amaechi wants everybody to be as impressed as he is, when you hear him speaking on his development strides.

Odimegwu Onwumereis the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State(CONIRIV). Mobile: +2348032552855 . Email: [email protected]

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