Who says women are not chameleons?

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She is just 25 years or less and a sight. She has the innocent and pretty face of an angel, but the heart of a jezebel. A traitor! She's a telephone operator and by the virtue of her work, meets a lot of people. The phone call centre is situated right on a street, which has many high profile buildings. Such buildings naturally house the rich. But she is not doing it for money! Maybe for a sadistic pleasure? Who knows!

Did you just ask me what I'm rambling about? Please hold your peace! I will gist you. They call her Gift. What a lovely name, you will say. Ha! A beautiful name, for a bad girl. What's in a name anyway? People say, names shape us, but quite a good number of people insist that names are just words and pronunciations to give somebody an identity. What do you think?

Nobody can really state what Gift's problem is, but the truth is that she doesn't go after single men, except married ones.

These days, because we are in a morally decadent society, people no longer view banging a married man as wrong. Indeed, people now have names for those that have an aversion for an affair with married men. They call them prude!

My thinking is, what you can't take, don't do it to somebody else. If a married man comes with his eager manhood, seeking where to plunge it into and ease its tension, ask yourself how you, as a babe, will feel, if you one day discover that your husband, man, lover, had been cheating on you.

Let me not get carried away. I am on this case of Gift. The way she goes about dating these men is what I really don't like. How you ask?

She makes friends with their wives, then turns around to sleep with their husbands. You wouldn't believe it that it was actually those gullible women that usually introduced their husbands to her.

She calls the men, broda and the wives, auntie. With her disarming toothpaste smile, she makes the ladies lower their guards, invite her into their homes and soon, …she strikes, nailing their husbands' on a four poster bed, in a posh hotel room.

Gift's modus operandi is very simple. Most wives go to the business centre where she works to make calls. It's usually there; she snares them with her charming smile and nice manners. Once she has made their acquaintances, she starts greeting them everyday whenever she sees them walking past. Soon, the relationship develops to the extent that she begins to visit the women at home.

When you see their husbands' going to Gift's shop to make calls, know that she had nailed that one. The men pretend they go to make calls, but the truth is that, they go there to fix appointments on where she will meet them.

Since it's a small community, tongues wag, but the smart babe had never been caught red-handed. But we all know. The wives are usually the sucker in the game. The last to even have inkling.

Just two weeks ago, one of the wives paid her a visit at her shop. After the fulsome greetings, the woman said: “My dear Gift, a friend of mine has a problem, I need your advice. She has a friend, whom she discovered was dating her husband. She doesn't know what to do. What do you advise me to tell her?”

Gift, unaware that the woman was referring to her, advised her to tell her friend to have a showdown with the friend.

The aggrieved wife heaved a heavy sigh and said: “So now I am telling you, stay away from my husband!”

I really don't understand why this young lady takes so much pleasure in sleeping with her supposed friends' husbands. Personally, I think she needs to see a shrink. What do you say?

Ironically, she came from a Christian home. I heard her Papa and Mama are very thick with Baba God. According to the gist, when her parents first noticed that unholy light in her eyes, they had prayed and fasted to exorcise it, but for where? Dog wey go lost, he no dey hear him master's whistle!

They prayed all they could, but still like a mad woman, Gift ran away from home, right into the market square, so to say. The market square called, Lagos. She now lives with a woman she knows next to nothing about. It is from the woman's home that she goes to this shop where she works as a phone operator. How could a girl, born into a Christian family, turn out so bad? Beats me! Except for Baba God, who can understand the vagaries of the human nature and heart? Definitely not Julie! No way!

Last week, she lamented to Every Dick and Harry who cared to listen that a friend of hers was getting married. She wondered aloud when her own Mr. Right would waltz into her life. I laughed. How can Mr. Right come, when she is spending the greater part of her youth, banging other women's husbands? Who knows, maybe she wants to marry a married man. Yes, O! After all, there are several such ladies who know the men are already married, and yet will go into such a relationship. I don't understand it. If na juju, make that juju no go catch me!

The one thing I will say to ladies out there, is to be wary of those they call female friends. You just never know which of them is lusting after your husband. I was discussing with a male friend one day and he told me that his wife's friends used to make love advances at him. I was disgusted. Women! So terrible, to call somebody your friend and yet go behind to sleep with her husband. If that is not knifing her at the back, I don't know what is.

Another piece of advice to women is this: never discuss your guy, husband with friends. Even if you do, there should be a limit to things you tell a friend.

I still remember a babe who was fond of telling her friend that her guy didn't like giving her money. The friend advised her to walk away from the relationship. But the lady couldn't take the advice of her friend. She was too much in love with this guy. She however discovered that her so-called friend had been going behind her, pestering the guy to date her. The friend was so desperate that she was even taking the guy to eateries and spoiling him rotten.

Please don't ask me what later happened. Suffice to say, always keep what you have. Never trust anybody. You never know, the next babe you complain to about your man, may very well be a chameleon, showing you an innocent face, while inside she's plotting how to snatch your man and wreck your home. Many ladies these days are hot pants!

Believe me or not, some of these our husbands, need us to save them from the impulsiveness of their manhood.