By Lere Olayinka


Gentlemen of the press, on the 15th October 2011 made it exactly a year ago that the PDP – led government of Engr. Segun Oni was judicially overthrown.

At this auspicious occasion, it is apt to take stock of developments in the environment in which we operate. I am going to talk briefly on

(i) The party in perspectives (ii) The salamic government of Ekiti State – one year after and (iii) The purportedly proposed Local Government elections.

There is no doubt that the greatest set-back we had as a party was the Salamic judgement of the court of Appeal Ilorin on 15th October 2010. The Justice Ayo Salami led panel, using what we have commonly referred to as 'Judicial Mathematical Manipulation (aka wuruwuru to the answer)' cancelled the entire votes in a whole Local Government (Ido Osi Local Government of Governor Segun Oni) to arrive at a situation where our Governor, Engr. Segun Oni could not have the majority of valid votes. Thereafter, hell was let loose on our party.

Illegal dissolution of validly elected Local Government Councilors and Chairmen, killing, maiming, destruction of properties etc became the norms perpetrated by the Salamic government that took over the government of Ekiti State.

That we lost the 2011 State and NASS general elections in Ekiti State was not because the A.C.N is stronger than in PDP Ekiti State, nor due to internal bickering as happened in some other states of the South West but mainly due to the Salamic government's maximum use of government resources for harassment, intimidation, coercion and inducement of Ekiti people. Thank God, the people of the state have seen the difference between the God-fearing, masses friendly, workers friendly and hardworking former Governor of Engr. Segun Oni and the heartless, globe-trotting, property destroyer and workers enemy number

-1 Salamic governor of the state.
In the last one year in particular, despite the electoral misfortune, the greatest achievement of the party is in the maintenance of peace within its fold. We conducted the most transparent, freest and fairest primaries in the Southwest and probably in the whole country. I want to appreciate the generality of our Aspirants who remain steadfastly in the party despite their inabilities to clinch the party tickets.

I equally want to appreciate the leaders and elders of the party who have continuously made the SWC to stand on their toes but have done everything to ensure that the boat is not rocked to capsize.


When preparing this address, I tried as much as possible to write something positive about the Salamic government of Ekiti State led by Dr Kayode Fayemi. Unfortunately, the more l tried, the more difficult it was for me to write any positive thing (objectively speaking) about the government. I therefore decided to use his inaugural address to review his performance in one year. I equally decided to highlight the report of the one year in office of the PDP led government of Engr.

Segun Oni. Finally I decided to highlight the negative anti-people actions of the Governor in the one year in Ekiti State.

PROMISES MADE,PROMISES FAILED. In the Dr. Kayode Fayemi's inaugural address, he made some promises, what were those promises, how much of fulfillment 1 –year after.

His 8 – point Agenda at the inauguration and its performance level 1 –year after.

i) Democratizing Government: What else to say, when Candidates were

imposed in their Party without going through Primaries; when appointments were made e.g SSG from the same Governor's Oye Local Government without the usual spread. When a Local Government has 3 Commissioners with some not having any, etc etc.

The Accountant General of the State who is blood relation of Fayemi is from Oye Local Government. He was appointed from the position of Treasurer at Local Government level to the State level.

Final result: F9
ii) Modernising Agriculture: Nothing on ground
Final result: Result withheld.
iii) Improvement on Infrastructure: To be generous, he has patched-

patched some roads in Ado Ekiti, overlay some part of Ado – Ilawe road; did not abandon the numerous 90 – 95% completed Segun Oni's projects. In order to show case them, have completed some of them.

Final result: By 1 mark luck , P8
iv) Promoting free and qualitative Education: By the return of payment

of fees in Primary School (?) through compulsory PTA levy, fees in Secondary Schools; increase in boarding house fees, withdrawal of Computer Laptops from Schools, No feeding of Primary Schools Pupils etc.

Final Result: A resounding F9.
v) Providing free health and Social Security: With Primary health

sector collapse, health workers on strike for several weeks, with cancellation of the Construction of the Oba Adejuyigbe general hospital in Ado Ekiti etc, etc.

Final Result: An uncompromisable F9.
vi) Ensuring Industrial Development: Well with over 6 globetrotting

overseas trips by the Governor, 3 by the Deputy Governors and 5 by the Wife of the governor but without any Programmes to avail/present to Ekiti people.

Final result: Result withheld.
vii) Tourism and Sustainable development: Despite appointing his Wife

to be a Special Adviser on tourism, despite her numerous trips abroad, nothing on ground yet.

Final result: F9.
viii) Equality and Women's Empowerment: He has 6 out of 30 members

cabinet (20%) as women as against the 35% advocated by women. However, with the destruction / demolition of Kiosks, Shops mostly owned by women , this fair attempt has been rubbished.

Final result: by combined effects P8
With this abysmal result, should Governor Fayemi have rolled out the drums for celebration.? No. The time calls for a sobre reflection and efforts to commence good and purposeful governance of Ekiti State.

ONE YEAR OF PDP'S SEGUN ONI ADMINISTRATION: Comparatively, our party in government led by Engr. Segun Oni had much more to report in his one year in office

At the 1 –year stewardship account of the PDP led government of Segun Oni, the followings (amongst several) were major milestone

1) Salary increase (17%) for Civil Servants
2) N1.86b paid to 2975 beneficiaries as gratuities from 1994-2007

3) Car and Housing loans for Civil Servants increased from 80k and

500k respectively to N1.5m each
4) Over 1000 classrooms were under near completion stages of

renovations(1045 completed at 18 months) and over 1000 new classrooms for construction under near completion stages (1039 completed at 18 months).

5) 38 new primary and 4 new junior secondary schools established.

6) 19 Senior Secondary Schools renovated for boarding programmes.

7) Eight computer laboratories with full internet facilities

established in 8 Secondary Schools
8) Two new technical colleges established
9) Primary (141, 620 pupils) and Junior Secondary (51, 652 students)

schools benefited from the free feeding programme of the government.

10) Scholarship board established.
11) 125,000 beneficiaries of Health Intervention programmes.

12) Establishments of the University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti

13) Establishement pf some new General hospitals
14) Employment of 14 Medical consultants to the only 1 existing

15) Provision of 10 Primary Health centres across the various Local governments

16) 46 roads(620 km) at various stages of completion (201 km completed

at 18 months)
17) 41 public buildings at various stages of completion (22 completed

at 18 months)
18) 3 Cassava processing plants established and operating.

19) 15, 573 benefited from N0.5b micro credit.
20) 5 Community banks assisted to meet CBN recapitalization requirements.

21) Fajuyi park redesigned and rebuilt.
22) 15 ecological projects completed
23) 6 roundabout constructed in Ado metropolis
24) Rehabilitation of waterworks schemes in Ado – Ekiti, Itapaji and

Aiyetoro Booster stations etc.
25) Federal High Court established in Ekiti State, Ado Ekiti.


One thought that Dr. Kayode Fayemi's association with the civil society / human rights community would make him to conduct his government activities legally and in accordance with the rule of law.

But the reverse is the case. His, has been taking illegal actions with impunity. (Dissolution of elected Councillors / Chairmen; constitution of caretaker Committees, arbitrary sack of workers, demotion of school principals / vice principals, demolition of properties without compensation; uncared, non-listening attitudes, obnoxious laws etc, etc).

A particular obnoxious law is the Local Government (amendment) law which gives the State Governor the powers to appoint the secretary to Local Government, supervisors and other executives of the Local Governments.

Does he think that his party is too strong in Ekiti that it is an automatic win for it at the Local Government elections. Or is it because five (5) of the seven (7) members of his EKSIEC are card carrying members of his party / its sympathizers. This law cannot stand.

When Gov. Niyi Adebayo (of the AD) decided to expand the then Owena motels (now Ministry of Finance) and decided to erect a bigger hotel near it, he decided on the site of the present Governor's office.

However when a PDP led government of Dr. Ayo Fayose came on board, he reasonably saw the security risk and threat to government house with a public place (the hotel) overlooking the entire government premises.

The attendant risk informed the change to Governor's office and the relocation of the hotel (now fountain hotel) to a more spacious space in the Trade fair complex. Pray, what is the rationale behind Fayemi's plan to reconvert the governor's office to an hotel again? Are the attendant risks no more there?.Is it a futuristic plan to ensure that local/ national / International spies have ready abode to spy on future governments of Ekiti State? Is there no room for further expansion of Fountain hotel in its present location that the only alternative is to convert the governor's office to an extension / annex of Fountain hotel? Pray, who can talk to this our Governor?.

THE ANTI-PEOPLE ACTIONS OF DR KAYODE FAYEMI Documenting in minutest details, the anti-people, illegal and disregard for the rule of law's activities of Dr. Kayode Fayemi is like writing a book.

However a summary of major ones will be established here.

1. i) The Demolitor: Several houses are being demolished in

Ado-Ekiti (to be
extended to other major towns)for flower planting. Pray, what economic

value will this add to the life of the common Ekiti person.

ii) The Demolitor will soon level the entire Egbewa community in Ado

Ekiti for low housing estate. Are there no more virgin lands in the state capital that can be used for housing estate?

iii) The Governor's office may soon be partially demolished for conversion

to an hotel. Pray, is there no virgin land for construction of a new hotel? Pray, is there no more space at the site of the present fountain hotel for possible expansion?

2. The destroyer and killer squad. The properties of political parties

destroyed by the Fayemi led administration is legion. Since November 20th 2010, a killer squad has been regularly maintained to attack perceive political enemies especially those of the PDP. The number of politically motivated killings, maiming and destruction of properties by the government of Fayemi has been more than obtained in the combined regimes of previous civilian governments of the State.

3. Workers' enemy no 1: Within the last one year, Fayemi sacked over

5000 workers resulting in deaths in some cases. Fayemi has imposed over 300% tax increase on workers. He has demoralized the teachers by using some phantom factors to demote Principals and Vice principals without any qualms. 27/% professional allowances of teachers cancelled. He has diminished the value of tertiary education by 'employing' graduates in his so called youths volunteer programme at N10,000 per month, even though only 1 month has been paid in 3 months.

4. Government of vendetta: Sacking of all permanent Secretaries up

graded by Engr. Segun Oni. Sacking of the VC's of the 3 State Universities. Cancellation of Cuban – USTI study exchange programme.

5. Government of deceit: Commissioning Engr. Segun Oni's projects

(some 100% completed) without the necessary acknowledgement rather proclaiming himself as the initiator of such projects, claiming payment of severance allowance to statutory boards members knowing same to be false, claiming that some roads have been repaired knowing fully well that such claim is false.

6. Government of lies: I have read the “One year of Milestone

Achievements of the Dr. Kayode Fayemi administration in Ekiti State”

in the Sunday Mirror of 16th October 2011 – page 46, - 47.

The “achievements” contain several lies. Many of the claims are false. For example Ijero – Ikoro – Okemesi road, new Iyin road - NTA – Ilawe road bye pass, Erijiyan – Ilawe road projects had been completed long before Dr. Kayode Fayemi's advent. The BIR complex was initiated by the Fayose administration, completed by Oni's administration within

2 years of his government, how come it is part of projects Governor Fayemi commissioned. The Due Process office was built by Oni and already in use about 18 months before Fayemi's coming on board. For commissioning, this government white washed / painted the frontage of the SHA complex. Several works including window fittings, painting etc still remain, etc etc etc.

[WARNING: The government of Fayemi has concluded plans to give the workers and the indigenes of the state, “Greek gifts” by December 2011. Such gifts include rush payments of some allowances, rush release of some promotions and some palliative actions to deceive the workers and indigenes of the State that we have a listening governor.

Far from it, the action is to deceive so that workers and indigenes can vote for him and his party in the purportedly proposed Local Government elections in January 2012. Do not be deceived. Do not put yourself in another bondage at the Local levels. Note, he is to appoint executives for the Local Governments except the court stops him]


Kayode Fayemi's contempt for the rule of law a partisan EKSIEC members ( 5 out of 7 are said to be card carrying members of A.C.N, DPP) announced a Local Government election time table despite the pendency of a number of litigations against him, his government and his agencies.

The following cases in relation to the Local Government are pending:

i) An appeal suit against the judgment of Justice Akintayo in the suit

filed by the PDP elected Council Chairmen against the dissolution of elected council chairmen.

ii) A suit at the Federal High Court (now transferred to State High

Court) by the 177 Councilors challenging the dissolution of the Local Government Councils.

iii) A suit in State High Court Ado Ekiti challenging the composition

of the Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission (EKSIEC). The composition of membership of the EKSIEC as having 5 out of its 7 members as card carrying members of A.C.N and another party.

iv) A suit at the State High Court against the Local Government

administration law that gives the Governor the powers to appoint the Secretary, Supervisors and other Appointees of the Local Government.

With this avalanche of suits, should any Governor that believes in the rule of law still went ahead to direct his Agencies to commence any action that is contemptuous?

However, because we know the penchant of Governor Fayemi not to respect the rule of law, I want to State here categorically that the PDP will NOT boycott the Local Government election in Ekiti whenever it is held. We shall pursue the legal aspect but equally prepare ourselves for the elections. Our party Aspirants/Candidates, our party members and indeed the already disappointed indigenes of Ekiti State who are already celebrating the imminent rooting of Fayemi and his A.C.N in the Local Government elections, shall not forgive us, if for any reason, we boycott the election. We shall win by men's efforts and the grace of God. Amen.

The SWC members, Elders, Leaders and members of our great party, we should go back to our individual Local Governments to prepare for the Local Government elections. We will soon issue out guidelines on same.

We should not be caught unawares by the antic of the government of A.C.N We shall be prepared for any eventuality from the court. We shall be prepared for Fayemi's disobedience of any court order.

Finally; I want to thank our Elders and Leaders who have been involved one way or the other to make today's event possible. I want to appeal to our Elders / Leaders to continue their almost 100% reconciliation efforts to make it 100%. The remaining rough edges need to be smoothen. God will enable you in the remaining task.

I want to use this opportunity to appeal to our members to remain steadfast. The PDP shall bounce back again.

Thank you and God bless.
State Chairman