Your man bed wets?

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It may sound funny or unheard of in this clime. But for reasons of sickness, drunkenness or by 'mistake' the man of the house may bed wet. It may even come as a result of spiritual attack. It is surely a nightmare of any woman for the husband to bed wet. To some women, this is simply ridiculous! What would you do if you find out that your man wee-wees in bed? This is the question posed to these women. Their responses:

I reject it in Jesus name! I don't pray such happens to any of my relations. The only thing that causes it is the demon, and some evil doers, just to ridicule one's life and future.
Some get this terrible infliction in the dream, some through terrible sickness. It means one's glory has been tampered with; it is used to jeopardize people's glory or success.
Whoever have found himself in this should please pray hard for total deliverance because it is beyond mere medical check-up, it is spiritual and I can say that over and over.

God forbid. It is demonic. I would have to take my husband to our pastor for deliverance and prayer. More so, I will stand by him for total solution to the problem because what God has joined, no bed wetting should put asunder. Generally it is a test of love to show him that I really love him.

I believe there is nothing wrong with him, as far as there is love.
Sometimes sickness could cause it. So, it also could happen to anyone of us. I will always wake him every 30 minutes to go and urinate before the break of day.
I will not get tired of him, neither neglect him to this predicament, so long we are married and we have made promise to taking care of each other; in sickness or health, sorrow, joy, until death do us part. This will not lead to divorce, I will stand by him and always be around him, in order to keep it secret between the two of us.