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Name is a Mirror of our Life

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Today we look at the Names we Bear/answer and see how it influence or impede our lives.Most times we answer names or bear surname that has to do with doom,evil and backwardness and or yoke us with the devil.To some of us it does not matter but Biblical it mattered a lot,read your Bible well enough ,you will discover that God changes name of some people when he wants to bless them and therefore if your name is not Godly or projecting good things ,please better change it.

Let us take a look at the father of modern day Israel ,which is the Mecca of Christians and see how his name came to be ..Originally he was known as Jacob ,and as Jacob he was a Sub ranter [Onye Nnapu],a crook ,a Conman and fraudster .As Jacob he started from the time of birth to cheat and swindle ,he tried during birth to take over the birth right of Esau but Esau was destined to be the first son and that does not discourage Jacob ,so he grabbed Esau,s leg during birth, maybe an attempt to pull him back inside and come out first [

KJV- Genesis 25:26:
"And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel; and his name was called Jacob: and Isaac was threescore years old when she bare them."]

That is Jacob the swindler ,as that is not enough for him or because he missed out that scheme of taking over the First Born by birth ,he resort to another cheap but calculated shot to get it.He cooked delicious osikapa with great aroma ,i perceived that the scent of his food is mouth watering ,and suddenly his Twin brother whom he is suppose to share everything with, came back famished and demand that the Kid brother should give him some of that powerful dish he prepared.Now do not forget that Jacob the conman never waste any opportunity ,so Jacob put on his Con garment and wham -ask the famished twin brother Esau to surrender the Birth right for a plate of porridge.

Esau must have thought that it is just another prank or some joke ,but Jacob was dead serious -Your birth right for my food or you go hungry ,meanwhile there might not be any Mama put joint nearby,so that Esau will go and buy some food.Esau did not think that birth right Worth's the trouble of falling out with his twin brother and so he conceeded ,then the change of ownership was done before the Food hit the table of Esau .

The first born took delivery of the plate of food and the younger schemer took the first born.

Please do not go away yet ,for Jacob is not done yet with his twin brother Esau .

The part 2 of this episode is that Jacob stole the blessing that is designed and labeled ESAU by Isaac their father [Genesis 27].After he stole the blessing which is the final most important thing he wanted from his twin Brother ,he changed location,not out of fear of reprisal but because nothing remains for him to swindle, and this time he went to his maternal home to show his exploit ...That is why he is a renoun onye nnapu [Con man],he landed at Labans house with another scheme close to his chest and Laban mistaken Jacob for Humility entrusted him with his herds and by the time Laban went to KFC to buy burger and back, all his sheep's,cattle' s ,fowls and what have you has taken the same CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP in favor of Jacob .The good thing about Jacob and his Con business is that he will get you to agree on his term.He gave Laban ji na aja [ Cooked yam and sand mixed together].Well you think he is done with Laban ? NO way ,he went after his daughters ,note that Jacob must have lived with them for years to note the shape and voice difference of Leah and Rachael ,also he must have known the culture of marrying out the first Born before the second one ,but as a schemer he went for the second daughter with the hope of marry one [Leah] get one free [Rachael].The night Leah was handed over to him ,Leah was not gagged and they must have talked during the conjugation, there is no way you will tell me that both of them did not chat while doing the act of MULTIPLICATION research,So Jacob must have known that it was Leah that night, also i am sure that Leah did not tie her face when they were doing what you KNOW , BUT he did not see the reason to complain and Miss out the chances of getting 2 for one ,so he slept with Leah and in the morning he brought in his part 2 -scene 1,take 2 ,that means confronting the Father in law Mr Laban ,Jacob must have charged into the room or living room of Laban and demand his money back ,He must have accused Laban of supplying him CHINESE Made in place of Russian brand he paid for ,also he must have known that hence he,ve slept with Leah nobody will take her as Tokunbo [Used],so all his charging and bitterness was a faked one, to get Rachael as addition to Leah ,but Laban must have think that he is wiser than Jacob by telling him to serve him another 7 years as dowry for Rachael .Meanwhile Jacob must have plotted and calculated how many more cows and cattle he is going to con from Laban in that additional 7 years and he gladly agreed for another 7 years of IMF loan to Laban [The more you take the poorer you became]...But when God wanted to liberate him ,after he,ve dueled with Angel ,his conness was changed by first changing the name -His name was changed from Jacob the Swindler to ISRAEL the father of many Nations..Do not forget that he dueled with Angel till day break,and had the angel not applied the heavenly Hip dislocating tactics,he should have stayed there till noon with Jacob.Have you wondered what Jacob and the Angel was fighting for ? They are not dragging Jacobs wife and Children ,because the Angel is not in that association ,they are not dragging the wealth because the Angel got no use for that too.So what are they dragging ?...My thinking -The amount of Blessing that he will leave with Jacob.The Angel must have told Jacob that God wants to bless you and Jacob must have insisted for the blessings to be tableted and itemized ,maybe the angel did not have the mandate to change the package of the blessing ,he insist on DHL-ing the package as heavenly packed ,but Jacob is not gonna take it or allow him to take the package back to sender,so i perceived that after an all night negotiation ,the angel must have touched his Hips and send him to slumber and then ,the Angel must have asked Heaven to intervene and Heaven must have seen the skill Jacob imprinted into that negotiation and granted him his wish but with a condition-you must change your name from JACOB the 419er to ISRAEL the father of all nations.

Abraham was known as Abram and he travel from Coast to coast ,Enugu to Akure in search of food ,and to an extent he managed to gave Sarah his wife away to Pharaoh ,so that he will live in Egypt and avoid Famine that was raging in the land that he was dwelling.Do not borther with the reason he gave to Sarah,so that they will not kill Abram ,because Sarah was Beautiful",everyman got a reason why he did what he did.What matters here is that God changed his name from Abram to Abraham before he gave him the heir and wonderful wealth.

Many of us today gave our children that name Jacob and we expect them to do wonders ?,same thing our parents gave us names that are dragging us back and we still hold firm to such names ,why you may ask ?.If your name has no positive meaning ,please change it and your life and fortune will change too.Some Brethren bears such old deity names ,goddess names and names of past evil and yet we pray that God will intervene and rescue us ,while our names suggested that we belong to some devilish clans.To know the meaning of your name get unto http://www.behindth nmc/eng.php and sought alphabetically and you will get the meaning of your name .If your name is native name ,kindly make enquirers and know the meaning of such names and if it is after or in favor of some gods or deities ,kindly return the name to the owner and liberate self with a new befitting name and that will mark an open doors in your instant life.

How can we reconcile people that bears name that put,s them in bondage ?such as -

Endurance or Ndidi and things will tough for them round the clock.

Azuka -Past is better than Future ,it is a bad name ,how can your past be better than future and daily people will call you that and you answer .

NWOSU -the son of an outcast.
Thomas -with such a name your argument will always be awkward and absurd.

Umunnakwe -There is no way your kinsmen will agree ,so it means you won,t progress when your kinsmen refuse to concur.

Anayo -what are you begging? reject such name and inplace take AYOTAGO.

Akubilo -Wealth brings enmity ,and you expect friends to be around you ?.

Okeke -Share of Eke Deity and when everything turns bad for you because they want to take some share back to Eke ,you will be angry.But you are part of that Deity called Eke,so is other Deity market owned names -Okonkwo -Nkwo share,Okafor -Afor Share,Okoye -Oye share.

My friend you are not share to any gaddem Deity ,if your grandparents wants to be share to them deities ,let them go ahead but detach self from that yoke.

Some Even answer Lynda -which means Beautiful snakes ,so instead of living life of human you have taken to be a Snake girl.

In my Hood they say "Etue onye aha ,chiya anara" ,call somebody name his gods will answer.

some even answer IYABO ,see those that answer such names they look like grand mother ,because they believe they are mothers that came back to life.

Do not forget people are addressed by the way they dress ,so dress properly with good wears and nice and wonderful name and success is your neighbor.

Mazi Odera

[email protected] com

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