Actress Anita Joseph and the smelling shoes tale!

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Controversy is indeed anitas first name but those who sat down near her at actress susan peters birthday party on may 30,2009 are begging me to beg this actress that whatever name she decides to adopt,she should first attend to her shoes which can kill the house rat without notice.hear the talk''she has this brown shoes that she normally wears,infact she has worn it so much that if she takes her feet out it,what hits your nose is better imagined than described and this is what happened at susans party.those seated around her thought that a dead rat was parambulating the venue of the party until the problem was identified''..this is the same brown shoe that the actress has been posing and telling whoever admires it that her footballer boyfriend bought it for her''please if you know anita help me beg her to stop causing environmental polution and get rid of that shoe asap!...

please treat this message as urgent and tell her at once!..our forefathers say''if you do not sell fish in the village square then you have no business smelling of fish''!