Actress Omoni Oboli Rejects N90Million; Shuns Nude Role In Hollywood

A Clip showing Omoni oboli in Yahoo Millionaire 1
A Clip showing Omoni oboli in Yahoo Millionaire 1
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The deal was highly sumptuous and tempting. A whopping $500,000 for a lead role in a high budget movie that will cost the producer $40 million in America's Hollywood. But she rejected the offer. Sultry Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, stunned many when the news broke recently in Los Angeles, USA, that she has rejected a plum offer to play a lead role in a movie that would have launched her into international stardom. gathered that beautiful Omoni was approached by an American producer doing a movie about the saga of women in Africa. She was said to have been offered the lead role with a fee of $500,000. In her script were three completely nude scenes where Omoni would be expected to play a character having sex with three different men.

According to the reports, Omoni, who is married and has three kids, turned down the script and spurned the princely $500,000 (N90 million) offer. She said she would only take the role if the three nude scenes are removed or modified by the American producer. But the producer, who is not ready to alter his script, refused and Omoni reportedly turned her back on the steamy role, and walked away. The deal would have shot her straight to a multi-millionaire status and made her the highest paid actress in the history of Nollywood.

When contacted on phone, the actress said it was embarrassing that the outside world still thinks that with enough pay, you could just bend down and do any trash. “I made it known to him (the producer) that in my culture, you are only subject to your husband. I truly love my husband and he does too,” Omoni said. Sounding a note of warning, she said; “I don't believe actresses in Nigeria have gone so low to get this kind of pay, but there are some who believe that acting nude can help them get a house in VGC or Lekki; they should, however, think twice.” gathered that reactions have trailed her rejection of the role. Many considered the rejection strange given the global economic situation and considering that some Nollywood actresses will stop at nothing to make that kind of money or star in a Hollywood movie. Omoni is one of Nollywood's newest acting divas. The graduate of Foreign Languages from the University of Benin has featured in many top Nollywood flicks. She also featured in Kunle Afolayan's latest movie, The Figurine.
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