For how long will Cameroun wait for Nigeria's electricity?

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For years, Nigerians have been grappling with the problem of inadequate power supply. Despite promises by subsequent administration to look for ways to ameliorate the situation, it has only gone from bad to worse. As part of the solution, some individuals and state governments have resorted to using solar power. This has not solved the problem as it has been ineffective in some places. So, one will understand the surprise that many people registered at the news that Nigeria will supply electricity to neighbouring Cameroun. Many have wondered if it is possible for a mother who does not have enough food for her children to invite other obviously better fed children to join in their lunch.

But when it became clear that Nigeria only entered a bilateral agreement with Cameroun to supply her electricity when she is able to generate enough, the story changed. When will Nigeria have enough electricity for her own needs? With the way things are happening in this country, is it possible for her to generate enough for her needs, talkless of having enough to give out?
Cameroun may be waiting for Samuel Becket's Godot if it is depending on Nigeria for power supply

By Agency Reporter