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He should not reverse his decision to dissolve and sack Eze Ilomuanya led Imo Traditional Ruler's Council. Who in Imo State does not know that Eze Ilomuanya by his conduct covertly and overtly during the 2011 election is a card - carrying member of PDP? He overplayed Politics which is unbecoming of a person of his status as an Eze who should be apolitical. He left his role as a traditional ruler and delved into Partisan Politic. I had expected the governor to dethrone him after the dissolution of the Council which he headed. After all, Ohakim dethroned a traditional Ruler from his area due to similar reasons; for enmeshing himself in partisan Politic.

It should be noted that what Governor Okorocha dissolved is 'Imo State traditional Rulers Council' and not Orlu or Ilomuanya traditional Rulers Council and it has since been reconstituted. Orlu people don't have the right to dictate 'whom', 'how' and where to appoint member of the Ezes Council since we all Imo people; and the new council members are Imo Ezes spread across the three political zones of Imo State.

Whatever antics and gimmick the Orlu Political Assembly might come with, Okorocha should ignore them. He should not be distracted by self-seeking, self appointed noise makers.

Whatever achievements Eze Ilomuanya must have made while in office as the Ezes' Chairman should go with him. He is a known politician of PDP extraction. He has enough time now to work for his party - the PDP.

Okorocha should beware of Samfo Nwankwo and his OPOCA. He fought and smeared the names of Nze Ignatius Umunna while he was the Secretary to Imo state Government. He fought senator Author Nzeribe while in Office. He never saw anything good about Senator Osita Izunaso. It is this pull him down attitude by Orlu people that is causing under development in Orlu Zone as an old adage says.

OPOCA was spear heading the recall of the Minister of Interior, Rtd. Capt. Emmanuel Ihenachor. It was the same Dr. Nwankwo and his people like us, Owerri zone and Orlu zone. It is as a result of this type of attitude that our brothers from Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta axis are opposing their inclusion in the proposed Orlu State . We should retrace our steps at times and ignore certain things as they happen. Orlu zone alone is not Imo State. Dr Samfo Nwankwo is not Imo State , so let us have peace .

Eke Nwokorobia