By NBF News

Yenagoa - Human rights groups in Bayelsa State have condemned the alleged  misconduct and extra judicial killings by men of the Joint Task Force, codenamed Operation Restore Hope and Air force  personnel in the state.

The groups under the aegis of the Civil Rights Action led by Mr Thomas Ebiedepa, said though past complaints on  activities of the state security outfit Operation Famou Tangbe, had reduced and crime rate dropped, the recent killings and illegal intervention of soldiers and the Air force personnel should be investigated and complaint filed by the Nigerian police.

Citing the near shoot out between men of the Joint Task Force and the state security outfit, Operation Famou Tangbe reported along the Tombia area of the Bayelsa capital, the groups said 'after a detailed investigation, it was discovered that the soldiers were on illegal duty and prevented the police from arresting some youths suspected to be peddlers of India hemps.'

The group added: ' Men of the JTF and the Air Force personnel have been identified as engaging in alleged acts of terrorism on highways and other roads of the state capital by dangerous driving and the beating up of those perceived to have refused to drive-off the road.'

The group also cited the shooting of a bakery worker at the Swali suburb of Yenagoa in the early hours of Saturday.

It said the killing of the baker created tension in the area for hours, as personnel of the Nigerian Air Force allegedly fired shots, which shattered the baker's head.

The killer shot was allegedly fired by the air force officer while responding to a distress call over an armed robbery attack.