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Has our government lost the sacred responsibility to govern? Put differently, has governance, the very essence of human enterprise in public service, lost its true meaning in our land? The topic in this column last week, entitled, 'Killing the South East softly, subtly,' has made these questions, inevitably, relevant.

It was all about the gross, insensitive neglect of the geo-political zone especially in two critical areas: power supply and road infrastructure. Well, to lay the blame on the Federal Government alone, is to be unkind.

There is plenty of blame to go round. However, there is more of a Federal sleight of hand than the 'enemies' within Igboland. Whichever way, playing politics with the South East, in particular, in the areas that are the oxygen on which the people survive is like playing the role of a likeable rogue. That seems to be the consensus of some of the responses received on the topic last week. Read on…

Killing South East is a commendable effort in drawing the attention of the Federal Government, from Onitsha to Awka Bridge-head, Peter Obi should not have waited till this day because Onitsha is so important for this long. Very recently, the Rivers State Governor did some Federal roads in the state and was refunded by the Federal Government rather than shouting to the FG and the incompetent contractors would not solve the problem.

From 08063438679
It's a deathtrap indeed
I read your wonderful piece, especially as it concerns the roads in the South-Eastern states. I wish to draw your attention to another zonal embarrassment of a road, which I know you missed out on, the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway. Ironically a portion of this road is equally being handled by the same incompetent CCC. Right from the former toll gate at Ogbunike in Anambra State, to Abakpa Junction in Enugu state, there is nothing to show that this road is still been repaired, not even a wheel barrow could be sighted at any spot along this long stretch of road.

It is very pathetic, recalling the traumatic experiences the numerous users of that road pass through on a daily basis, most especially the level of carnage recorded by those of us whose villages are situated along that road. A journey from Onitsha to Enugu, which usually lasts for less than 11/2 hours, now seems endless as a result of the terrible state of the road. I was very happy for the opportunity provided by the recent burial of the late JSC, Anthony Aniagolu, as those dignitaries who came through the Enugu Airport had to equally experience of the pains of the ordinary Nigerians who use the road on a daily basis, in order to get to the late justice's home. It's now left for Governors Sullivan Chime (Enugu) and Peter Obi (Anambra) to liaise with the Federal authorities in order to come to our aid, as the quantity of bloodletting on that road has become immeasurable. The EFCC could equally be involved in the probe of why CCC has not completed any road contract awarded to them in this part of the country.Thanks.

Ikenna Ozokolie (Enugu).
I happen to pass through that Road, early this year and to tell you the truth, the road, looks like Government have forgotten the people of that place.  Thank You very Much for reminding them, May God continue to bless you my brother.  The road is really in a mess. Before a journey from Upper Iweka to Uga takes us just 45minutes, but today it takes as long as 2 hours. Those of us who reside in Lagos use to board buses from Lagos to Akokwa via Oba-Okigwe Road. People from Akokwa, Uga, Ezinifite, Unubi, Ekwulumili, Amichi, Azigbo, Ebenator, Utuh, Osumenyi with many other towns I cannot mention here are afraid to travel to our home town because of this same road.

God will continue to bless you for speaking for us.

The bad road network in the South East is the responsibility of our leaders, who have refused to engage the services of competent construction companies to handle key projects in the zone. It is no surprise why the roads are bad as soon as they are constructed. Until our leaders become sincere in their dealings the South East will remain the same. Many of our leaders in the South East use their positions to set up mushroom construction firms to handle these roads. It's time our people in the South East wake up and say 'Enough is Enough'. This must start with the right attitude from those who represent the South East at both state and Federal levels.

From Gordan Chika Nnorom
Abia State.
Hi Dan, I read your opinion on the state of bad roads in the South East. I love it and pray that this kind of injustice will be addressed. We need more of this kind of write ups.

From Chinedu
Sabon Garri, Kano
My brother, you complain of the South East. You need to go to the North East and see a much more horrible road network. People are in heaven in South East. At least in the South East, contracts have been awarded, remaining completion. But in the North East, it's total neglect.

From 07093499524
Dan, apart from the reasons you gave for the downturn in economic development in the South East, the sight of people who have no visible means of business but are millionaires have made our young men lazy. Many artisans now complain that it is difficult, if not impossible to get apprentice. Everybody wants to become a millionaire without working. Some of the Ezes in the South East are allegedly fraudulent. In a situation like that, how our youths embrace hardwork since to some of them, it doesn't pay anymore.

From Augustine Ukaegbu,