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Olutola, who spoke, yesterday, at his induction as the national president of The Apostolic Church Nigeria at the LAWNA International Convention Grounds, Olorunda, Ketu, Lagos, said: 'Whenever a man tastes power, it becomes tempting to him to play 'god.' He becomes obstinate by refusing to leave the position for another person.

'Despite Nigeria's economic potentials, there is hunger in the land. Many are suffering in the midst of plenty. Incidents of armed robbery, ritual killings, rape, incest, kidnapping, bombing, epileptic power supply, all these end time signs abound in the country.'

Olutola urged leaders not to allow themselves to be afflicted by the problem of wanting to perpetuate themselves in positions at all cost, adding: 'This applies to us religious leaders too. Our main job is to continuously pray for the peace of the nation and its leadership