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Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi yesterday refuted media reports that the state sacked 5000 workers from the 16 local government councils. He said there was no way such could have happened, adding that the affected people were those who falsified their results, doctored their ages or burdened with various corporate blights.

Speaking with journalists, at the domestic terminal of Mutala Muhammed Airport (MMA2), yesterday, Fayemi stated that the state is currently going through a transformation that would ultimately evolve a professional, accountable, transparent public service.

His words: 'We didn't sack anybody; we have not sacked any worker. We have a transformation process in order to professionalize our public service going on in Ekiti State. And those who are affected by that, they know what to do in the process. If you are accused of having presented irregular certificate or forged record or doctored your age, there are mechanisms and processes in place to address that.

Once you have done that, then the situation is regularised. But if you have not done so, you cannot suggest that you be sacked except you have chosen to sack yourself. One thing that has to be made very clear is this, we must make up our minds whether we want to run a professional, accountable, transparent public service or we want to run a social service,' the governor said.

Fayemi also emphasized that the era of lackadaisical attitude to work is over, stressing that people should work for the money they earn, especially as the state has acceded to the demands of the workers.

He said the government would no more tolerate a situation where 80 per cent of the workload in the state is being done by a few number of workers, adding that their productivity should be commensurate with the N18,000 minimum wage the state has agreed to pay.