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New Challenges for the US in Africa from Europe

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It has been said that Nations do not have Allies but that they have interests. They could be access to economic resources, home to ethnic groups that have close ties to their respective governments or Political Alliances.

Within the last week two papers were released. One covered a void left by one European state. The Other Paper was a revelation of what their Policy will be towards Africa. The Paper discussing the void covers the Russian Federation the European Power revealing its new strategy is Germany.

A Recent Paper released by the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that “the policy of developing traditionally friendly relations with Africa and cooperation on mutual interest provided the opportunity to use the African factor in such a way as to make progress on our international interests and economic goals.” It is for Economic Reasons that Russia has opposed the efforts of the United States in recent crises in both Sudan and in Ivory Coast.

The Russians along with China have invested heavily in the Petroleum Industry in Sudan. This means that the upcoming split of Sudan will create uncertainty for Russia. It has been suggested that Russia has a goal of creating cartels with Key African oil and gas producers in order to control access that other nations will have to the Oil and Gas Industries.

The Bundesrepublik revealed in a 29 page paper that it will take a tougher approach to how it spends Aid in Africa. The paper states that “Value for Money” and garnering better market access for German companies are key goals for its policy towards Africa. The problem of irregular Migration from Africa to Germany is listed as something that is to be prevented.

The German Government will seek to stress its own values in Africa. These values include good governance and democracy and the Country wishes that the 32 Nations that currently use Capital Punishment will end the use of it, end restrictive laws against Homosexuality and push for greater Rights for Women.

In recent years Germany has been very vocal in its criticism of the Sudanese Government when it comes to Darfur.

For economic reason both of the Countries will present themselves as a viable partner for those who seek to limit the influence of the United States. This is not a statement of wishful thinking or hope but one of fact. Some of the Inactions taken by the United States such as in Rwanda during the Genocide and the flip flops that occurred during the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt give the impression that the US is not reliable.

So it appears that Oil and Conflict Minerals may be the bases of any future potential diplomatic tiffs that Washington may have with Berlin and Moscow when it comes to Africa. All three have worked together in the Horn of Africa combating Piracy but there are several potential areas that could lead to potential problems such as West Africa.

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