Lagos ACN Calls for Radical Security Measures to Address Incessant Bombings


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has warned that Nigeria risks descending into unmanageable anarchy if nothing is done to address the problem of insecurity that is threatening the lives and properties of Nigerians presently. The party says that for suicide bombers to successfully infiltrate the police headquarters is a sign that the security situation in Nigerian is getting intractable and charges the federal government to wake up from its slumber and secure the country for Nigerians.

In a release in Lagos , signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party wondered what is left of the country's security if bombers can effortlessly break the security walls of the country's police and detonate bombs so easily in the police headquarters. It said that the latest bombing of the Nigerian Police Headquarters in Abuja is a sure warning that the country's security has irretrievably collapsed and says it fears more bombings are underway if the security agencies do not sit up.

“We had been inundated by sterile and empty threats and vows of arresting the masterminds of each fresh bomb incident and such vows have always ended as rituals, which are kept in store for another bomb incident and the violent circle goes on unhindered. We are not amused that the country's security agencies have failed woefully to track the spates of bomb blasts that are targeted at Nigerians such that nowhere is considered safe again. We are even peeved the federal government has demonstrated a worrying ineptitude to stem this violent conflagration and the bombers seem to know this worrying impotence, hence the unceasing audacity of their continued actions.

“Lagos ACN is greatly worried that Nigerians are becoming targets of ceaseless bomb attacks and other forms of violence while the government feels so overwhelmed as to do something to stem this ennui. We are disturbed that there is demonstrable perception that the government can do nothing to stop this predilection to violence that is threatening to swallow the entire country in one huge ball of insecurity and we insist that something urgent and radical must be done to re-take Nigeria from the hands of these bombers and restore security of lives and properties of Nigerians.

“We demand that a special security task force be set up to purge the country's security forces of their embarrassing incompetence in dealing with the worsening security challenges facing the country presently. We demand that a proper audit of the security personnel be carried out to weed out bad weeds that have compromised the security situation in Nigeria . We need a complete overhaul of the country's security system to prepare it to face the present challenges posed by ceaseless bombings, armed robbery, kidnapping, killing, and other forms of insecurity. We demand that the perpetrators of the present siege of insecurity on Nigerians must be apprehended and adequately punished to stem the drift of the country into one huge ball of insecurity. We demand that the federal government wake up from its prolonged slumber and take very radical steps to address the worsening security situation of the country presently. We deem this as one of the most basic needs for which the people look up to government in Nigeria , as elsewhere.”