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The garrulous Peter Obih (Not the Governor) is said to be the Chief Executive of Sea Map Nigeria Ltd.  I cannot call him a commentator on national affairs because, as far as we can pry back into his disjointed commentaries, he has only been commenting on the claims that the Anambra State Government owes him. I call it claims because I have not been able to establish the veracity of what he says.

According to the man, the Anambra State Government owes him the cost of clearing two containers of hospital equipment for the State. He said the transaction was started and completed under Dr. Chris Ngige.

Anambra is a complex State, where everybody wants to be respected as a king with his own Kingdom. Those who felt they cannot manage kingdoms want to be seen as Fiefs and Dukes with their Fiefdoms and Dukedoms. The greatest blessing this State is enjoying is having a sober Peter Obi as its governor. He is one man who, with quiet dignity, has not given in to the evil machinations of these kings and Dukes.

On assumption of office, Gov Peter Obi met so many still-born contracts, mainly awarded under the government of Dr. Chinwoke  Mbadinju. All manner of characters claimed to have executed one contract or the other but were yet to be paid.  Obi boycotted the Contract Review Committee set up and took it upon himself to verify those contracts by embarking on what lawyers call visit to the Locus in quo, physical visit of the places those contracts were said to have been executed. Alas, he encountered those that claimed to have built houses on land where, upon verification, no building was erected.  We had those that claimed they supplied goods but without any records. We have Freight forwarders that claimed they cleared non-existent containers. I do not know where Peter Obih belongs.

Have you listened to the man's tales? He says that he was engaged by Dr. Chris Ngige's illegal government and you ask yourself why that government did not  pay him. We at least know that before one does job for governments, mobilisation is usually paid. Was he not paid?

Why should Anambra not be a difficult state when we have such characters, who think that the only way to attract the attention of government is by rascality? If the man is interested in events in Anambra, he should know that Governor Obi is trying to exorcise the state of rascally elements.

The type of Obih can rave and rant, but cannot drag the state back to the Dark Ages, when people generally wanted to be paid for contracts not executed and deeds left undone.

•Valentine Obienyem, Awka.