By NBF News

For some time now,Omawumi Megbele, the sensational singer and the first-runner up at the West Africa Idol has been missing in the social circuit.

Since the news of her pregnancy to her club owner boyfriend broke last year, her life has taken a new twist. Omawumi has also kept mum on the matter, a situation that has increased the curiosity of people who say she is pregnant.

But there were pointers that she might be pregnant, the most obvious of them all is the bulging tummy she showed off when she performed at an event couple of months back.

In the heat of the controversy, sources say Omawumi may have travelled out of the country to have her baby. Since then little or nothing has been heard from her. Her fans, family members and friends await the news of her safe delivery which insiders say may happen any time from now and that will put an end to the lingering rumors.