Why some men like it big - Deola Layade

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DEOLA Layade, the Chief Executive officer of Exquisito Cakes , patissiers 'n' chocolatiers, in this interview with Glamour says the fact that a lady is on the big side does not mean that she cannot be sexy.Excerpts:
Definition of style.
STYLE is who you are. Your style shows your personality, it shows if you are outgoing, conservative, simple or classy so, your style actually shows the kind of person you are.

Beauty regimen.
I am quite more of a conservative person, I wash my face in the morning, use my beauty products; Mac and Victoria secrets At night, I wash off my face ,and I go to the spa once in a while. That is my beauty regimen. It is very simple.

Dress sense.
I dress to suit occasions. If it is a formal thing, I dress formally and if it is informal, I dress informally. So my dressing depends on where I am going and who is having the event. When I want to buy my fashion ensembles, I look at the style, if it is one that I like, my kind of style, I go for it.

Favourite designers.
Vera Wang,and Tiffany Amber.

Choice of accessories.
The choice of accessories is determined by the kind of outing I am going for, if I am going for a wow occasion, then I need to put on hot accessories.My perfume too has to be hot. If the occasion is a simple one then, my accessories must be simple because I wouldn't want to overdress.

Favourite perfume.
I likely Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. Anything by Sarah Jessica Parker, I like it anytime, anyday.I like Vera Wang too.

Favourite colours.
I like bright colours. I like orange, gold, green, purple, and chocolate brown. I'm a bright person so, I like bright colours.

Skin care.
I'm into healthy eating and I also use Shea butter on my skin. It is quite natural and it really works. Those are the things I do to maintain my skin.

What I will like to change about myself.
Really I like myself the way I am.I think I am contented with the way I am. I just try to keep fit. It is not only lepa that is in vogue, Orobo is in vogue too as long as you dress well. Some men out there are looking for women who are on the big side. It is the way you carrry yourself that matters.If you are big, you have confidence in yourself, you are sexy and brainy, men will find you attractive.

Fashion item I cannot do without.
My perfume.

Secret of beauty.
It is keeping it simple. I am not into heavy make-up.But the only thing I know I love is my contact lens.

Diet exercise.
I think I eat well. I go on threadmill two to three times a week. And I watch what I eat.

Special treat.
I spoil myself by going to the spa, shopping or taking my friends out and hanging out with them.

Fashion Icon.
I love Sarah Jessica Parker because she keeps it simple. You can see the way she dresses. I just like her. She is so simple and dresses well.I am crazy about Tiffany Amber too, I like her style and all that. I like Lanre da Silva as well, I like the vintage stuff. I also like Deola Sagoe.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe.
I love shoes so, obviously the most expensive item in my wardrobe is a pair of shoe but I won't tell you how much it cost. I'm crazy about shoes and I have quite a number of them but I won't tell you how many.

Opinion on toning.
If it is to tone to bring out your colour, good but not bleaching. I am not into bleaching

Cosmetic surgery.
Personally, I am not into cosmetic surgery but if you like it and you do it, good for you.

Provocative dressing.
If you have it, flaunt it.It is actually a personal thing as long as you are comfortable with it, just go on.


I like braids, fixing, cutting.I like doing several things to my hair at different times so that I won't look the same all the time.

What I won't be caught dead wearing.
Obviously a bum short.