Fally Ipupa’s Travel Style…Hot or Not?

Source: Teethat1960chick - Nigeriafilms.com
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Someone just sent me this photo of Congolese singer Fally Ipupa…spotted at an airport somewhere…about to jet off to some exotic location…In his version of airport chic.

I had a major crush on him until I saw this…I'm sorry I just can NOT deal with a man that wears leggings!

Yes…he is indeed wearing some kind of harem pants/leggings combo. And the shirt…oh the shirt…did it have to be slashed all the way to his navel?!

Funny… he is dripping in Louis Vuitton accessories but even that can't save him from looking like a Grade A clown. big time fashion offender.

Your usually look so put together. Wetin happen? I need the real Fally back…abeg.

You are NOT WINNING (**Charlie Sheen voice**) looking like this.


Ok luvvies…it doesn't matter what I think. What are your thoughts on this?