I'll Never Date D'Banj - Rukkie Sanda

By Alayande Dayo
Rukkie Sanda
Rukkie Sanda
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Rukkie Sanda has reacted to the claims that she is involved with D'banj and has been dating the entertainer for a long time. Also that she recently had a fight with Mercy Johnson, who is also alleged to be in a secret relationship with D'banj.

In an angry outburst she declared: "I am not dating D'banj, I have never and I will never date him. He sees me as a sister and I see him as a brother.

"I never fought Mercy Johnson, she is not my friend and I have never spoken with her."

Mercy Johnson, on the other hand said she does not know who Rukkie is.

"Who is Rukkie Sanda? I have never heard that name before."