'I'd Have Loved To Marry Ramsey Nouah'--------Nadia Buari

By Franka Nwusulor, Correspondent, Lagos
Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari
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Nadia Buari gave a good account of herself in the movie Stone Face, which was premiered last Saturday. The enchanting screen goddess has Ramsey Nouah smitten over by her beauty and intelligence. Ramsey, who plays the president's son is so taken in that he forgets his fiancee, who does everything to remain relevant in her man's life.

Nadia's Ghanaian origin is a marvel to many, her complexion and accent is unlike that of most Ghanaians whose dark skin and accent easily gives them away. She sounded as if she has had to explain the reason for her complexion most of her life.

"My mum and dad are both Ghanaians and I have been in Ghana all my life. My mum is light skinned and that explains my complexion."

For her accent, "actually, I have lived part of my life in the States (United States) and that accounts for how I talk. I can speak my language but this is my natural accent; I express myself better when I speak like this."

Born into an art family, her flair for acting probably comes from her father, Sidiku Buari, a well-known and successful musician in Ghana who is chairman of the African Action Committee of the Federation of Musicians (IFM) and the acting chairman of the Copyright Society of Ghana (COSGA).

Another reason to marvel at her accent or lack of it is the fact that Nadia's education was basically in Ghana, "I studied performing arts and I hold a BFA degree in fine arts from the University of Ghana, Legon. Acting has always been my passion, dating as far back as my days in elementary school. I was always a regular member in the drama and dance group."

Her Art background and passion for acting helped in sharpening her acting skill and led to her dramatic rise to stardom barely two years in the industry. It came as no surprise when with her debut in the Ghana film industry in the movie Beyonce, she performed commendably. She has since featured in other films such as; Darkness of Sorrows, Mummy's Daughter (2), The Return of Beyonce, A Woman's Honour, In the Eyes of My Husband, American Boy, Dangerous Mission, Slave to Love and Stone Face.

Her debut in Nollywood was in A Woman's Honour where she acted alongside Olu Jacobs and Mike Ezuronye. In Beyonce and Rihanna, she stared alongside Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Jim Iyke and Uche Jombo while in Stone Face, her latest, she is Stephanie, an intelligent and upright lawyer who chooses integrity over immorality. This is the first time that Nadia would be playing alongside Ivorian stars like Adrienne Koutouan and Ahmed Souaney.

About her rapid rise to stardom, Nadia blushes and supplies, "it's just determination, God, hard work, self-motivation and the zeal to always carry a practical message to my audience. I find acting the most powerful medium to influence people's moods and opinions on very key societal issues. It's been worthwhile because that is what I have always wanted to do."

Nadia believes working in Nigeria is okay but, "there is nothing like working at home." Comparing the Nigerian movie industry to that of Ghana, Nadia feels that the only difference is that of massive production in Nigeria.

"In Nigeria, every now and then, there are people trying to make a movie and the population is unlike that of Ghana where a handful of people are investing in the industry. In Nigeria right after a movie, you can go into another one unlike in Ghana were fewer movies are produced."

She is not afraid to praise herself. "I'm very proud of myself and I have a lot of confidence in myself. Acting is what I have always loved to do, I watch myself and I know I did a pretty good job and I know I can do better. I know I'm a very prolific actress."

Mentioning her expectations in the Ghana movie industry, Nadia said, "I'm going to go into directing and try to make my own movies. Maybe later I would come out with my own production." The pretty actress is very committed to her work and said she is drawn to only those who are hard working and focused.

"I don't like people who are not ambitious, they turn me off."

Nadia views sexual attention from men as normal: "They would always do that but you just have to give them a limit, men can go crazy and like you and propose love but you just have to let them know that you are not available. I don't lead men on. I have had men propose love to me but I have never been sexually harassed."

Though she is rumoured to be engaged to footballer Michael Essien, she would not confirm the rumour, "I would not disclose my private life but I can only say that I'm in a great relationship with this incredible guy and he is a Ghanaian."

Asked if she would love to have someone like Ramsey Nouah as real life husband, just like in Stone Face, she laughed and declared, "actually Ramsey is one of my favourite Nigerian actors and I really like working with him but nothing beyond that. If I wasn't in any relationship, maybe I would have thought about it, I would have loved to marry him but I don't know him yet. I would have loved to know him better but then I'm in a relationship and Ramsey is also taken."

Although she loves Nigerian artistes her favourite actress is Julia Roberts. "My desire is to someday be like Julia Roberts. To reach this goal, I have made it my purpose in life to make art a treasure for valuing morals, a pleasure for learning virtue and to bring meaning to nature through art. I'm admired because of my success in the entertainment industry and my influence in movies has travelled very far. This has also led to the constant offers I receive by the Nigerian film industry to play major roles in movies."

Is she a virgin just like her character in Stone Face? her reply is a resounding "yes I'm." But even if she is not she embodies the essence of Stephanie and wears her hard work, morality and intelligence like second skin.