Barrister, Kollington, others absent at Osupa's birthday bash

By Tade Makinde

ALL is not well between Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and his adopted son, Saheed Osupa, whom the former recently crowned “King of Music” to the displeasure of many.

NFC learnt Barrister is “not happy” with Osupa for deliberately editing some statements he made during the crowning in his video, “Celebration and Confirmation,” which is now on sale nationwide.

According to information, Osupa cleverly edited the praises Barry heaped on K1, Ayinla Kollington and Pasuma, among others, while he left his side of the praises untouched.

Not only that, Osupa also made sure that Barry's warnings on how he should behave as a musician, which did not go down well with Osupa, were also edited.

“This proves that Osupa has an ulterior motive for editing some parts of what went on at the Ibadan ceremony as he's only interested in making himself look good before the public, while he won't stop running Wasiu and Pasuma down at every opportunity.

To show his displeasure with Osupa, Barrister was conspicuously absent at the birthday/celebration gig the newly crowned king held in Ikeja, Lagos, last Sunday.

Barrister was not the only one missing at the event, so were several others, including top executive members of FUMAN.

“We are not happy that Barrister would declare Osupa as the best fuji musician of all time, that pronouncement has caused an uproar in Fuji House”, admitted an executive member who wouldn't like to be mentioned.

Fuji members were disappointed to have cheaply fallen for Osupa's deceit when he gave them the impression that he only wanted to celebrate the crowning event, whereas he only wanted us to rubber-stamp the kangaroo crowning by hiding from us that he wanted to use us to confirm the controversial crowning,” added NFC source.

Coming barely a month after Barrister crowned Osupa as King in Ibadan, stakeholders are unsure what will happen next in the House. “We hope this won't be the beginning of another diplomacy battle between father and adopted son”, another musician cautioned.

A spokesperson of Osupa, however said his boss has nothing to hide as his crowning was a public thing.

“The event was well attended, Osupa did not lie to anyone, we are not fighting anybody,” he said. On Barry's absence, he said it was no big deal, Barrister already informed salved.

Meanwhile, Alhaji Taofeek Alagbe Omo-Owo has been elected Governor of Oyo State FUMAN, while Ismaila Atilade and Muritala Aremu emerged the first and second vice presidents respectively.

The election took place last week and will continue in two weeks with the disolution of Kwara State incumbent executive.

FUMAN President, Saka Orobo, has instructed that elections into all state executive posts should end in three months unfail.

Elections into the PRO and Male Welfare office will take place later.