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WOLE SHADARE writes that the mixture of ease and efficiency are specifically important for lots of charter service flyers, who may need to travel at a drop of a hat and get to their destination as fast as they can.

THE craze in town among affluent people is the acquisition of private jets. While for many who fall into that category, it could be to announce their arrival into the 'privileged' club, others see it as a very high necessity that would help them to cut their busy and tight schedules.

In Nigeria, especially in the life of those who have it in abundance, it becomes one their acquisitions to aid their movement in the demanding world of business or activities.

There has been an increase in the of private jet charter services, partly from the rising availability and reducing costs, and also because of the growing mobility of the population.

Most people now expect to be able to fly whenever they choose, whether they are going on vacation or traveling for company means. The popularity of charter services in particular has also received major boost while commercial airlines seem not to be too happy with such growth because of losing their premium passengers to the bug.

It has equally heightened tension security wise because operators of such aircraft and their passengers are rarely given the same security checks as passengers on commercial aircraft.

But for those who cannot afford it and the huge cost of maintaining the equipment, renting or hiring one could be an alternative.

Being in control of a flying machine, permits passengers to hire an entire jet, rather than just paying for lone seats on a commercial flight. It is also possible to choose the time and route of the flight, in place of than flying to the pre-arranged schedule of the airline.

There are plenty of reasons why individuals may decide to travel on a chartered private flight, and there are a number of important positives that make this mode of flying far superior to even the most superb first class commercial service.

Chartering an airplane can also be more conducive than owning a small airplane, since there are no tacked on fees in between flights.

The private jet charter industry has expanded drastically since its genesis in the aftermath of the World War II, when less massive jets first became available for hire.

The industry has experienced fast growth ever since, in result of developments in the genre of aeronautics and increasing demand for alternative air travel offerings.

The private jet charter industry has benefited from techno developments in both the air commuting and communications sectors. New airplanes, for example the relatively light jets that was brought to the market in 2008, have reduced the fees of using charter services.

Top of the range services are still available despite the high cost of service, such aircraft can rival any first class cabin of any commercial airliner.

To many, the most cost-effective method of traveling in a private airplane is to use a charter service, whether hiring the whole plane or just a single seat.

Charter flights also offer more flexibility than part ownership, as it is possible to book a flight at any moment to any place. Shared ownership equates to sharing use of the same plane, and moreover it could be a big gamble if one of the owners is already using the same aircraft.

Private jets are leased by many different kinds of travellers for many reasons. Some of these persons choose charter flights because of choice in travel arrangements.

One may want to fly to a destination that is hardly serviced by commercial airlines, or to travel at the spur of the moment. This is true of medical professionals who might need to fly quickly and faster, possibly to carry out a surgery or to transport vital medical supplies.

Other charter flight travellers are more worried with the efficiency of the service. They could need to travel as quickly as possible, without needing to check in early and walk at a snail's pace through the security checks required for passengers on a commercial airline flight.

Since they are designating their own small aircraft, businesses can be conducted much more quickly and efficiently. Efficiency is particularly important for business travellers, who often need to spend as little time as possible in the airport and in the air while they are on their way to an important agenda.Commercial airlines, which only provide flights on their own schedules, can add significantly to the flight time by permitting travellers to fly to merely a limited select destinations so that they might have to transfer between numerous flights, utilising only specified major airports that are a lot of times a measurable distance from the hotspot of the closets city, and requiring extensive check in times.

The mixture of ease and efficiency are specifically important for lots of charter service flyers who may need to travel at a drop of a hat and get to their destination as fast as they can.

Specialised charter services are available to carry critically injured patients, for instance, who need to have immediate access to medical care, or who require to be transferred to a hospital that can provide the specialist care that they require.

Another reason adduced for choosing private jet charter is privacy. The only way in which it is possible to fly with complete privacy is to hire a jet. There shall be no other people, and the small size of the plane equates that there shall be fewer crew members on board, who will be trained to be quiet and unobtrusive.

This privacy is the reason why chartered private jets are a popular method of travel for celebrities, which includes famous bands and movie stars.

Being able to control who gains access to the jet ensures that commuters have their privacy, as well as it also makes a charter flight safer than a commercial flight for any flyer who could have to consider security risks.