INCREDIBLE! Repentant Lover Boy, Felix Liberty Tongue Lashes Tuface

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Despite the criticism among his fans and nags, 2face not does seem perturbed about the controversy of having children from different women. The multiple award winner hip-hop sensation still walks with his shoulder high over his achievement, a gesture which most people have found irritating. And another person who is currently cross with 2face over his excesses is Felix Aigbe Liberty, the lover boy “old school” singer-turned- pastor, who has treaded the path 2face is now taking.
During a telephone chat with O.R. The Ifeoma and 419 crooner who have just completed his studies in Theology exploded. Having children here and there is not a good way to go. I have done it in the past and it's not a good way of life. 2face has to choose another way of life, he cannot sell children and I don't see any reason he's so crazy about having children here and there. Polygamy is the behaviour of the negatives, it's not godly. I got myself involved with seven women; I am telling you now, it was a demonic experience, it was God that removed me from that problem. I would not wish any young man to undergo what I have gone through. And if you tend to bite more than what you can chew, you can lose control” he concluded.