Dickson in Kate Henshaw dress palaver

By Nonye Iwuagwu
Dickson Iroegbu
Dickson Iroegbu
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Dickson Iroegbu is known as one of the best movie directors in the country. Some people are looking for the director, not for them to feature in his movie, but for him to pay his debt.

It was not as if Dickson bought anything on credit though. The incident happened during a reception organised in honour of actress, Kate Henshaw by City People.

Some of Henshaw's dresses were auctioned and the proceeds were meant for the less privilege.

As the auctioneer brought out one of the dresses, there seemed to be a 'war' between Dickson and Ali Baba, the comedian, who had already bought two clothes.

Both of them tried to outbid each other but once Iroegbu started bidding in hard currency, Ali Baba quickly made a retreat.

Dickson finally bided 2000 pounds for the dress.

Payment time came and Life and Beat gathered that the director was nowhere to be found.

According to the organisers, “We are looking for Dickson. He is the only one that has not paid. I called him and he was just laughing. Nobody begged him to buy any dress. He should please come and pay.”

Life and Beat called the director and he said, “Have they given me the clothes? I am really amazed at how these guys perceive me. I didn't buy the dress to show off. Frankly, Kate deserves more.”

“It is unfortunate I am being misunderstood. Don't expect me to tell the organisers how to get their cash from me. If they think I cannot afford the dress, it shouldn't be a matter for the press.”