‘She secretly built a house’

Source: Njigirl - Nigeriafilms.com

Hello Nji,
I am a 31-year old man who has been in a 10-month-old relationship with a 26-year-old lady. Two or three years ago, after completing the compulsory one year national service (NYSC), I took a job in Lagos. The salary was not okay, so I quit and started up a private business early last year. It was also about the time I met my lady friend. I am happy with the business. Four months into the affair, she went for youth service in Edo State, where I have been visiting her every month as I promised. She read midwifery in school.

One day, she asked me what job I would like my ideal woman to engage in and I said either lecturing or practicing as a nurse/midwife. I didn't know she took my answer to heart. After some time she started telling me things like “You are not being serious with me” “am not seeing any sign”, etc. Each time she said those thing, I would tell her to wait for the right time. But I haven't proposed to her. I am yet to rent an apartment of my own. For the meantime, I still living with my elder brother, but this is a situation I plan to change soonest.

Another issue is money: despite earning some money while servicing, she still asks me for money. I try to oblige her. But when I asked her lately what she does with the money she earns (about N30, 000 per month), she told me that she doesn't want to touch the money till the end of her service year. She told me how she plans to share the money among her siblings after the service. Now, she is insisting on going to my village with me. Please help!