By NBF News

As the registration of voters gathers momentum in different parts of the country, Dunamis International Gospel Church has demanded its members to get registered. Senior Pastor and founder of the Church, Dr. Paul Enenche, while urging members to register said after the registration exercise, members would be made to raise up their voters cards in the Church to ensure that they actually registered.

The Pastor also said the registered cards would be used as point of contact in praying to God and asking for divine intervention in the electoral process.

He also appealed to all Nigerians who were eligible to vote to endeavour to register for the forthcoming general elections, as only such would determine if their votes would count or not, he said. 'All voters should ensure that they vote in the interest of themselves and the nation.

And as we are going out to register, we should also go out to vote, trusting the Lord that there will be free and fair election, trusting the Lord that we will have the opportunity to make a difference and be sure that we have people in office that we voted into office,' he said.

Pastor Paul Enenche also used the occasion to talk about falsehood amongst ministers, who claimed to be what they are not while admonishing Christians to stop pursuing shadows and go for the true and pure word of God.

'The first thing a believer should look out for in a minister of God is his character, the content of his teaching, does he represent God or himself and the quality, level of transformation and the kind of Christians being bred in the church.' 'People should look for God. The miracle giver is better than the miracle. The person who provides is more important than the prosperity,'he said.

Enenche solicited that those good and credible Nigerians who had the heart for the people and had the fear of God in them, should be actively involved in the electoral process.