Would you marry a man who disappoints you on your wedding day, if he comes back?

By NBF News
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Disappointment is like a wound that takes a long time to heal. Even when it does, the scar is always there. Whenever the victim sees it, he or she remembers the incident. Of course, people react to issues differently. Saturday Sun went to town to ask women to react on this topic. They responded as follows.

Chisom Udeozo
If I love the guy and I am still unmarried, I will still marry him. As for my parents, friends and those concerned, with time, they would understand.

Shola Erebowale
If he has the courage to come back after the disappointment, I will ask him why he did that in the first place. If his explanations are reasonable, I will forgive him and go ahead with the wedding. But if his explanations are not reasonable enough, I will ask him to go and accept the disappointment in good faith. I will just see it that it is not the will of God for me because, if it were His will, nothing would have stopped it.

Ifeoma Nduka
I will not marry him. Not after the disgrace and shame he would have brought to me and my family at large. Disappointing me on my wedding day would be the greatest shock I would ever get in life. It is something one cannot get over in haste. If a man disappoints me on my wedding day, I will wait for another man.

Friday Helen
The love that made me to have wanted to marry him would also make me to accept him if he comes back. Love does not die easily. It bears and endures all things including disappointment.

Olaiya Harbiolar
If he has a genuine reason for disappointing me, I can marry him. But if he just felt like doing it to satisfy his selfish desires, I will forget about him. I will simply take it that it is not God's will for me.

Kemi Abimbola
I don't think that I will marry him. I will leave him for God to judge him. Nevertheless, if such happens, I will first and foremost leave the environment and relocate to another area, so that it will be easy for me to forget it and live a new life. Then, I will start asking God to give me a God-fearing, kind and caring man.

Linda Ogadinma
I will not marry him after he had disappointed himself and not me. Why would he come back? Is he the only man? As he goes, another would replace him. So, by the time he would come back, there won't be room for him. Moreover, for him to disappoint me in the first place means that it is not the will of God for me. I will just see it that God did not want me to make a mistake. I will not marry him at all. I will allow him to go with his bad luck while I wait for my missing rib.

Cecilia Agboola
I will not marry a man who disappointed me on my wedding day if he comes back later. If he likes, let him come with all his town's men, I will not. The charm that made him to disappoint me, will still be working in him. So, the best thing is for him to go his way.

Justine Okpeyemi
No. If I do, he will still repeat the same thing.
Favour Kanu
There is nothing wrong with marrying a man who first disappointed me. If he still thinks that I am his wife, and comes back, I will gladly accept him. It is even better if he did that because of another woman and later realized that I am the best. If such happens, he would treat me with care.

Titi Daniels
I will not marry him. If I do, he will not respect me. He may always make reference to that. He would think that men are not easy to come by, if not, why didn't I marry before he came back? Although, it depends on how long he stayed before coming back.

Chinyere Okeke
I don't see anything wrong with that if he comes back. It is even better if both of us share and live with the shame.

Matina ezeh
I will pour hot water on him if he dare gets close to me. I would want to prove to him that he is not the only man on earth. So, to hell with him if such happens.

Abubakar Miriam
I don't know whether I will marry him or not. I don't also pray for such because it will take eternity for me to forgive him.

Grace Ekong
A man that will have the guts to abandon me on our wedding, must be a terrorist, deceiver, liar and also a heart breaker. How can I accept him back after putting me to shame by embarrassing me before the public, my parents and his own parents? As for me, I will see this act that he is not destined for me, so God will console me first before others do. If I should accept him back, the worst could happen despite the love that is there. For me not to go to early grave, I will call it quit. God will provide someone that is destined for me.