Lagos ACN Warns PDP From Plotting Against Tinubu


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has dared the Peoples Democratic Party to carry out its threat to put away the indisputable leader of the Nigerian opposition and leader of the ACN, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The party said that cooking up phantom charges against Tinubu or planning to eliminate him will be suicidal for it will signal the end of the PDP as a party in Nigeria.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that PDP knows that the Nigerians are waiting for the eventual death of the PDP, the process of which has already started and as such any foolhardy move from that withering cabal will work to hasten its death and the political rustication of the cabal that has made life a living hell for Nigerians in the past twelve years. The party urges the PDP to brace up for the dark footnotes of history rather than think it will enhance its survival by eliminating the Asiwaju or cooking phantom charges against him.

“Nigerians know the PDP as a nest of killers which has many unresolved, high profile assassination cases hanging on its bloody trail but we warn that going after the Asiwaju because he is leading the natural process of providing Nigerians a worthy alternative to the misrule of the PDP in twelve awful years is a suicidal move that will not only truncate this floundering democracy but consume those who have written the history of this democracy with blood felt pens. We want to assure the PDP that Nigeria is not a banana republic as they would love it to be and as such, they have no liberty to cook phantom plots to take away their opponents and continue stealing the mandates of the people as we have witnessed in the past twelve years.

“Lagos ACN has noticed, alongside other Nigerians, that the ACN has become the favourite melting point for disenchanted Nigerians who cannot continue stomaching the wanton misrule and callousness with which the people has destroyed Nigeria in the past twelve years. We know that the mass movement into the ACN from all parts of the country is ruffling the feathers of the PDP whose illicit thirst for power is on the suicidal verge. We want to let them know that having failed the country in twelve years of unmitigated disastrous leadership, it should see the present fate threatening it as natural and not attempt to move against the currents of history.

“We want to let the PDP know that Asiwaju Tinubu is today seen as the redoubtable leader of the Nigerian opposition that is primed to take over the leadership of Nigeria from the hands of the incompetent PDP leadership in May 2011. We want to place them on notice that whatever happens to the Asiwaju is the collective business of Nigerians who are neighing for the much needed change from the scorched earth misrule of the PDP. We warn the PDP that no party, group or individual have a monopoly of violence and intrigue and that Nigerians are ever ready to defend their leaders from the desperate intrigues and contrivances of the PDP.

“Lagos ACN, while stating that nothing, either in the form of elimination or cooking contrived charges, should be done to the Asiwaju, urge the PDP to face its fate with the spirit of sportsmanship as democracy thrives on such dynamics. We want them to know that power is given in a democracy on the basis of performance and because it has not performed for the people in twelve years of arid leadership, it is only natural that Nigerian people are looking elsewhere for fruitful leadership. We want them to see the growth and spread of ACN as borne out of its appeal to Nigerians as a credible platform to end the nightmares the PDP has inflicted on Nigerians and that they can do nothing about it”.